Glamour magazine features a spread on famous American figures from the past and current as portrayed by today's young celebrities. I'm not even going to comment on how ridiculous this concept of Alicia Keys as First Lady Michelle Obama is.

You can see the rest of the images here.

  • brenden

    I would have never guessed she was portraying Michelle, but hey I see nothing wrong with it. Tyra did it, Rupaul did it,,,Why not Alicia? Black is Black. Those of us who are comffy in our skin know this maaaaan.

  • Terry .W

    My take is that the intent of the photoshoot was to honor these strong women/American figures, not a look-a-like contest or that the models posses the same qualities

  • brenden

    I should have said-I wouldn't have guessed she was portraying Michelle just looking at the photo alone.

  • nolachic

    I think its a nice gesture. Alicia looks nice and is an educated woman herself...Julliard is not easy to get into.

  • scorpio

    No consistency. One moment against Michelle Obama, then then next Alicia Keys Isn't good enough to be her? So Alicia is another someone for us not to be proud of?

  • Daisy

    I love the pic but I am an AKeys STAN!!

  • KiKi So Fresh

    Sandra, why is this concept so ridiculous? Is it because Alicia Keys is half-white? Because if so, then that is so stupid for to think that this concept is ridiculous.

    In this same issue of Glamour magazine, they have Paula Patton portraying Billie Holiday and Chanel Iman portraying a black tennis player from back in the day (I can't remember her name).

    These photoshoots were to honor legendary black women...they weren't trying to channel someone previously stated.

    Get real Sandra!

  • masonmom

    i looooooove alicia keys! she reminds me of me! us aquarians are so smart and innovative.



  • maema

    i think what sandra is suggesting is that the pics are supposed to be "replicas," for lack of a better term. America fererra portrays the hispanic icon; chanel iman althea gibson, lindsey lohan madonna. they don't have to be exact replica, but they should be similar, i.e. somewhat believable. i wouldn't cast halle berry as harriet tubman. rihanna as sicely tyson? kind of silly.

    alicia keys does not resemble michelle at all. are we that lacking in brown skin talent these days that they could not find one celebrity to somewhat accurately portray michelle?

    there is no real harm here, but it i skipped right by that pic b/c it made little sense to me.

  • maema

    jazmine sullivan as lena horne?

  • Mika79

    Yay Alicia...beautiful as always of course!