It's a good thing Barack Hussein Obama is out of the country: another one of his Democrat brethren is behind bars.

According to CNN, suspended Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman was arrested and charged with -- among other things -- spanking male inmates who were brought to his courtroom from a local jail.

    Authorities are investigating allegations that now-suspended Mobile County Circuit Judge Herman Thomas periodically removed prisoners from Mobile County Metro Jail and spanked them in a room at the courthouse, according to courthouse sources involved in the inquiry.

    Once inside the room, according to the sources, the judge would ask the young men to drop their pants and prepare to be spanked with what they described as a wooden or fraternity-like paddle.

Maybe there are no sexual undertones to these allegations. Maybe the judge is old school and decided to dispense his own brand of justice. Anyone older than 40 remembers being "paddled" in high school. There was nothing sexual about it -- and kids actually behaved in class.

  • anti-PC

    Most of the time, if a Democrat is involved in a scandal, their party affiliation is not mentioned. If this had been a Republican, this would have been all over the news.

  • LovelyLady

    Well maybe they needed that a** whopped...i wondered if they were brought back to his court. lol. maybe some judges need to follow suite j/k

  • ReadTheBlog

    Most black men need a spanking from a male of a higher authority. God knows they probably missed out on it from their (absentee) fathers.

  • Staley

    Perhaps if he was a major Federal politician, this would be big news. Since he isn't, not many people will know about it.The is the only reason that it won't make it too big. It proves that you have to dig through local politicians to find how dirty the Dems seems to be. Anti-PC, it great to hold on the the little relevance the repubs/cons have.

  • kwallace577

    ummmm i think this dude is just a perve. and if you read the whole story it is just not one or two dudes coming forward. a whole lot of em. one who was spanked eventually got released early even tho sounds like he was a hardened criminal.

    i sense a pervert.

  • Buttercup417

    Smack That!! Smack That!! Whoaaaaaaa! Go old ass Akon!

  • Daisy

    President Obama and First Lady Michelle looked FAB arriving in Europe!

  • carmelita79

    yes they did daisy. thats a real couple right there.

  • H-Town Shan

    People spank children all the time and get away with it by calling it discipline. The same thing happens to an adult and now we have a scandal?

  • Anti-believer

    this was a pervert. he enjoy doing this. Especially seeing hot bubble butts!

  • intown51

    Oh, I'm just 30 and my 1st grade teacher Ms. Haynes had a yardstick with the words "EXTRA LOVE" written on it in magic marker.

    You get outta line, and she'd ask you if you "want some Extra Love??". I was a rambunxious one, and thus on I received my fair share of Extra Love. And I was better off for it!

  • Kymystry

    ain't nothing wrong with a lil spankin ... did he pull the hair ? ? ? if so THEN ... well .. ain't nothing really wrong with that either .... lol

  • Imalover

    I'm originally from Mobile, and know Judge Herman pretty well, which is why I was absolutley shocked when I heard this story from friends and family back home. When I was reminded of this story on Good Day Atlanta, while dressing for work this morning, all I could do was shake my head. I can't say what a person does behind closed doors, but when I was around him, he was a complete kappa gentlement. I heard only one negative story about him and it was from one of his interns (male) about 6 years ago who said that whenever he (Judge) was having a bad day he would take to on the bench with him, which meant whoever was before him caught pure hell. This is so crazy to me - he had such a beautiful family.

  • Daisy

    @Anti I think Bill Clinton was a Dem.

    If the Reps tagline wasn't the party of morals and values the media and others may cut them some slack

    I am neither Rep, Dem or Independent. I vote for the lesser of the 2 evils depending on the year.

  • teecee

    how did our president get caught in this ? you really do love saying his name... im sensing a crush. lol there is nothing wrong with whipping these man boys ass. if they are in trouble and in front of a judge then they did something wrong whip their ass or send them to the army instead to jail. when parents use to whip the kids ass, we didnt have all this foolishness going on.

  • teecee

    if the rep were so great, the American people wouldn't have voted them out of office.



  • Sandra Rose

    Kymystry Says:
    ain’t nothing wrong with a lil spankin … did he pull the hair ? ?


    Ha ha ha! That was funny!! :-)
    Hey, Kym, you made a difference in a reader's life the other day, She emailed me and asked me to thank you. But instead I let her register to thank you herself.

  • Kymystry

    Wow ... tell her I said she's welcome .. and glad I could help ... :-)

  • tallie

    I believe in own child! It wasn't his place to spank someone else's child. I hope he gets jail time and get rape in jail.

  • smurfette1920

    Hey Kymystry I sent Sandra an email to say Thank You. You keep me laughing and thanx for the info for the online jobs. I too lost my mom and 3 mths after losing her, I lost my job. It was just nice to know someone understands your pain personally because ppl really dont understand unless they've been there.

  • Kymystry

    Hey Smurfette ... you are welcome .. and you are sooo right .. no one completely understands unless they have gone thru it ... losing my mom's was/is alot to carry ... it's been 2 months and 5 days and I lost my job the same day I came back from the funeral .. I hope the online thingee works for you .. I personally would concentrate on Cloud10 .com as they pay more than westathome .com ...

    much success ... and most of all .. all things work together for the good of them .. :-)

  • Kymystry

    AND .... that baby is ADORABLE .. them CHEEKS ...

  • smurfette1920

    Thanks Kym. Her and my son are my peaces of mind. She looks just like my mom, I believe that was my mom's way of coming back because she was conceived a month after my mom passed.

  • renegro

    36, cleveland ohio. . .ive had my share of paddles from teachers and principles, i say it proudly. . thats some foul stuff, there. . . i think punishment should fit the crime. who ever judge his case should whoop his Behind on random