The British are in an uproar over several apparent snubs directed at the visiting Prime Minister and his wife by the Obamas.

First, the British didn’t take kindly to POTUS Barack Hussein Obama sending back the Winston Churchill bust that was a gift from former British prime minister Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. Obama replaced the bust with one of Abraham Lincoln.

Then Obama snubbed Prime Minister Gordon Brown this week when he canceled a scheduled meeting with him in the White House rose garden. Oh, his excuse was the light blanket of snow that fell on D.C. — as if the meeting couldn’t be held indoors.

But this latest snub by First lady Michelle Obama has the British citizenry heated: Gordon Brown and his wife came to D.C. bearing fine gifts for the First daughters — Top Shop dresses (with matching necklaces) and a selection of books by British authors worth hundreds of British pounds.

In return, Michelle gave the Brown’s two sons cheap, tacky, plastic replicas of Obama’s controversial Marine One helicopter. The trinkets can be purchased for $15 in the White House gift shop.

I’m bewildered that White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers didn’t handle the selection of gifts for the visiting dignitaries. Isn’t that part of her job description?

How embarrassing! Now I have to hear about this from my British blogging counterparts.