Usher’s wife Tameka Foster-Raymond reached out to yesterday in response to a post that I wrote about her (the post was deleted).

First, a little background: Tameka spoke to us through a mutual friend who was the first person I called when I heard the news about Tameka’s botched surgery in Brazil. Her industry connections run deep and are far-reaching. She is not a gossip and she is not messy. And that is why everyone loves and respects her.

So Tameka expressed her dismay at my post yesterday in which I stated Tameka may have body image disturbance issues, which a lot of women suffer from. Body image disturbance is more common than the extreme body dysmorphic disorder that Michael Jackson has.

Sometimes I forget that readers take my words literally as if I’m an authority on the subjects I write about. Tameka was particularly offended because she thought I was comparing her to Michael Jackson and Lil Kim.

Speaking through our mutual friend, Tameka explained that she has had 5 babies and she made the decision to get a tummy tuck to remove “the extra rolls” around her abdomen area. Tameka didn’t explain why she chose to leave the country to have the surgery done. She said she remembered going under anesthesia in a Brazilian clinic. After she awoke, she felt around her abdomen area only to find the extra rolls were still there. That was when she was told she had suffered a heart attack before the procedure could begin.

Tameka confirmed that she is still going forward with the liposuction/tummy tuck procedure here in Atlanta since she is not planning on having any more children. She stressed that she does not have body image issues of any kind. She indicated that there is no truth to the rumors that Usher is unhappy in their marriage (he was out running errands yesterday when she called).

Thanks to Tameka for reaching out to and clearing the air!

Photo: Wireimage/Getty