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Gorgeous actress Vivica A. Fox was a guest on Joyce Littel's show on V-103 Sunday night. Afterwards, she stopped by her favorite spot, the Velvet Room. And judging from these pictures, she was or was not with basketball star Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to my source, Vivica entered the club and made a bee line for the VIP where Delonte was holding it down with his boys. After they hooked up, it was all about him for the "rest of the night." I'm told they hugged and danced and shared laughs.

Now, I haven't confirmed any of this with Vivica's camp. So please don't say that Sandra Rose said they are a new couple.

MORE pictures after the break!

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  • anti-PC


    I have no words.

  • SunnyPA


  • pointhimout

    now sometimes sandra, its not a couple alert; its just i had a couple drinks and i wanna blow ya back out. it could also be 'y dont u introduce me to ya friend?' does she have a house here? she's always in atlanta, she and someone else is always here (can't remember the other person).

  • alexander

    Hell naw.

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. She likes 'em young. Two things my mother, God rest her soul, used to always tell me: 1. Marry an older man and you'll always be a younger woman to him. 2. Marry a man that loves you more than you love them.

    I'm just saying or should I say "she's just saying". Good ole common sense. (I married a younger man and it NOW makes plenty of sense to me.) Peace.

  • mimi08

    Thank you auntie! I don't know if this is a oversight, but thanks for letting me post without a gravatar...

    Now to the post, he's kindda cute. I think it's weird all these no name football and basketball players are still to get with these celebrities...I wonder if it's to make a name for themselves, because this is happening alot now. Bet yall didn't know sports figures (especially the unknown ones) can be the biggest groupies to actors and singers...They aint slick...trying to make a name for themselves cause they certainly are not a star in the sport they are playing.

    But whoever he is, he's cute. Go Vivica!

  • mimi08

    Ah hell no..what's this gravatar sandra! This is the best you could come up with for those without one...girl you could have chosen something cute or cool..but wait, i aint complaining, just thinking out loud.

  • mimi08

    And what in the world does vivica have on?

  • iscream

    @ point
    The other person is Tarajii

    @ Topic
    I don't know what to say. I know he isn't cute to me. He looks like raggedy andy. Viv is grown, no kids, single and ready to mingle. So I guess she entitled to bed and flirt with whomever she wants. And since her career is in the toilet about to be flushed it won't be affected. Maybe she should leave them boys alone and start sleeping with some men that can help her career.

  • pointhimout

    i like how vivica has settled into her life and has nothing to prove. folks tried to knock her for her str8 to dvd ventures. TEAM VIVICA.

  • Shauny

    co signing #10

  • mizzdallas

    I co-sign with Point & Shauny!! Go Ahead and do you Aunt Viv!!!

  • ELove

    My Granny said the same thing to me...
    Just replace 'man' with 'woman' LOL

  • LadyJustice

    odd couple, but she doing her "thang" i guess. stella has gotten her groove back

  • LadyJustice

    are they about to kiss in that second pic?? lol she looks uncomfortable

  • Deep Thoughts

    Ok I guess, what could he offer her mentally? It's weird when I see older women with younger men, don't they rear and raise the young it's so "motherly"

  • yvonne79

    Dude is not attractive at all to me but if she likes, I love it.

  • Imalover

    @PAHairston... our mother's must have come from the same school of "love and happiness". My mother who's been HAPPILY married to my pappa bear for 44 years has told my 3 sisters and me the same thing. Luckily for me, I just happen to like 'em older anyway. After reading many of the comments regarding relationship topics on this blog, I'm just really grateful to be surrounded by so MANY positive examples of happily married couples, both young and old, who find fidelity to be natural component in thier union.

    Oh and the pictures look pretty innocent.

    Sandra do you have the story on Rocsi and Lisa Raye's soon to be ex-husband? I saw pics on another website and I know you had an exclusive with someone in Lisa Raye's camp a while back... if I remember correctly.

  • Shauny

    I'm a big believer in age NOT having chit to do with mentality or maturity. There are men Autie Vivs age or older who act like 21 yr olds.

  • spongebobfan

    mmmmm I love my men bright as the sun but he's lacking something cant put my finger on it

  • Daisy

    My issue with the straight to DVD movies were they were NOT good. I like Viv as an actress and wanted and expected more for her. I know she has to eat so I aint knocking her just saying why I talked about her for

    She has come along way since her .50 days! Bless her heart!

  • Daisy

    As far as the age thing goes I am a STICKLER for age I do NOT want a OLD AZZ man I want to grow old together.

    @PA my west indian friends schooled me to marrying a man that loves you more than you love I will see how that works out for me one day I guess.

  • Lala11_7

    Auntie...I have contacted Gravatar's support to see what in DA HECK IS UP WITH MY PIC?!? Did that this morn...expect to hear back fromthem soon...

    Regarding Viv's staright to video...I'm a cinemaphile...and I've got to say that I've seen far WORSE movies receive a wide release at theaters than some of Viv's...and the fact that Viv produced most of them means that she got way more money off of her "staright to dvd" hustle than she got from "Kill Bill" and "Independence Day"...I mean, do I expect to get "Sounder" or "Lady Sings the Blues" from Viv? HECKY NAW...would I LIKE to see that type of entertainment value from VIV (or anybody else)...HECKY YEAH!!! However, Viv caters to a specific "niche" and her "niche" appreciates her wares...btw...have I seen all of Viv's dvds? HECKY NAW!!! LOL!!!

  • Krysi J

    I don't think its anything like that going on here....but even if it iz....thats their business. If Viv can pull em' young like that and she can keep their mind off of "just banging her out and keeping it moving" than she gets MUCH PROPS from me! Do ya thang.

  • kcicero

    @ Daisy, the marry a man that loves you more than you love him thing seems to be working well. I loves my husband but he loooooves me, lol. That's about the only thing I'll agree with PA about...

  • kcicero

    And I'm going to give Aunt Viv a free to do what she want pass along with mizzdallas...she is looking a bit Asian around the eyes though...

  • ggouch

    @ iscream!!! I am SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!! at "Maybe she should leave them boys alone and start sleeping with some men that can help her career."

    what could that conversation be : "Hey...I thought I told you I would holla at you AAFTER..this."

    Vica: " we aint so-possed to be in public?...i can't see you in public?...stand here and take this photo...don't emabrass me...oh you mad?

  • Naima

    Why does Sandra only have Obama posts and post about irrelevant celebs. What happened to this website?

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  • babysoft15

    Maybe it's me, but Viv has never been the same after that Fiddy bs....she should have just let him compliment her and kept it moving! Plus all I see is her face lift!!

  • Dhoward1913

    Why are y'all shocked? Y'all know Vivica gets around.

  • Charles

    dont care

  • lovejoy1

    @Lala11_7 post # 23... I had the same problem but i found that my email address here (sandra rose) didnt match my gravatar email- everything has to be in lower case letters.. So check your email account for SR and make sure everything is lower case and matches exactly what is set up over at gravatar....

    hope that helps....

    Go Viv- do your young man thang- to each its own...I like em' young some times X generation as they call it- well that was before I got involved with someone my own age (Y generation) Yawn.... no sir im soo bad....

  • candycane

    HEY!!! That's that elfin looking dude. He doesnt look as elfish on this pic. That second kiss looks like she's making him kiss her. Come on now, kiss mamma I aint playin.

  • SouthernLegalDiva

    Isn't he young enough to be her son?

  • tbrown

    I think he's good-looking :) as for this 'match'...ummm...

  • tbrown

    Wait, what the phluck is that RASH on his mouth? LOLOLOLOL

  • licia

    if she's happy then i'm happy for her. it's her business either way .