By Sandra Rose  | 

Barack Hussein Obama just lost another one: his car czar has stepped down after less than five months on the job. Steven Rattner, an investment banker, is under investigation for state pension fund hanky panky involving millions in kickbacks.

In 2005, Rattner's investment firm, Quadrangle Group, won $150 million in pension business with the help of a shady top political consultant who is himself under indictment.

Once again, a clueless Obama continued to back Rattner even after the federal investigation into his firm's business dealings were made public.

Rattner is replaced on the Auto Task Force by Ron Bloom, another of Obama's pals who doesn't know a thing about the auto industry.


  • Kat


  • Lala11_7


    Its wonderful to know that you share the mindset of people who pray daily for the death of Obama and don't mind calling his children and wife common streetwalkers....


  • Anna

    Kat Says:
    I ditto Kat. Drinking coffee, reading news and turn the page to "next".

  • Divinebrown

    I'm more concerned with that Carmelo ad below this post....

  • mizzdallas

    Whats really hood in the white house...?

  • keely107

    I'd much rather watch Ellen Degeneres dance........

  • anti-PC

    Just another reason why it is foolish to make Obama out to be bigger than what he is. He is just an AVERAGE politician like the one before him and the one before him.