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Loyal reader KaraZ wrote in about the events that led up to the brutal Damas family murders. In her email, she compares child killer Mesac Damas’ stormy relationship with his deceased wife Guerline to Chris Brown and Rihanna’s turbulent relationship.

Hello Sandra,

Can you please update the story about the Mesac murders. I just read the comments and your readers haven’t heard enough about the story and think this is a man who got fed up with life & not being able to provide for his family. This is NOT the case. This man was a classic abuser and decided to kill his family. I rarely agree with you on things, but when I read this story first over the weekend, I immediately thought of the Rihanna battering by Chris Brown story.

I kept thinking this is where their story would have ended up if they weren’t both famous. Look at the ages of Damas couple, they stated their relationship in their late teens/early twenties; same age as Rihanna & Chris. I remember how many of your readers gave him a pass because it was young love… see where young love got Guerline Damas? Please update your story.



They caught the murdering dog in Haiti. Now it’s just a matter of how fast they can process the extradition papers and get him back here to fry.