Struggling R&B singer Trey Song decided to come for me over the weekend on after I wrote a tweet congratulating him on his apparent win during the BET Hip Hop Awards which took place here in the ATL over the weekend.

It seems that one of my readers pulled a fast one on me by emailing me to say that Trey won the "BET Best One-hit-wonder Award." After tweeting a congratulatory message to Trey on Twitter, I checked with BET, and as it turns out, there is no such award.

Just as I was about to delete the offending tweet -- and issue an apology to Mr. Song, the same reader emailed me to say that Trey was "going in" on me on the social microblogging site.

In response to my tweet (which as I said was tweeted in error), Trey mobilized his half-million strong fan base of followers on to make my face a trending topic on and I was ridiculed and disrespected by total strangers for hours on until my face finally stopped trending.

I am puzzled as to why Trey didn't mobilize his 500,000 (mostly unemployed and broke) Stans on Twitter to buy his most recent album, which debuted at #3 on the charts with a measly 131K copies sold. To date, Trey's CD is nowhere near going gold.

I was also clueless as to why Trey would come at me on Twitter over what was obviously an error. Then my friend informed me that Trey might be butt hurt by my constant references to his (alleged) down low lifestyle. But how can that be when I've never gone into any specific details about his sexual exploits with other industry men?

For years, the entire industry has been whispering that Trey takes it up the rear and gladly returns the favor. But I never mentioned the baseless gossip since we here at hold ourselves to a higher standard than other blogs.

In fact, from what I understand, Trey's label sank a lot of cash into remaking his soft cupcake image, in part, because of the rampant gay rumors.

They even paid a celebrity blogger to manufacture a laughable faux relationship with the struggling singer. But, lol, nobody in their right minds believed it.

Speaking of said blogger, I'm told she at first balked at the chance to help remake Trey's image, but whatever they offered her must have been too good to refuse. She can't stand the punk as you can clearly see from the following email that she sent to an industry exec (please note the date the email was sent):

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Hey
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 16:32:44 -0500
From: Necole (
To: [Name removed]

Oh trust me, you don't want to get to a point where other bloggers are talking about you.
I should know. Um who's jealous of trey songz? lol. i can't....he is a nobody

Yea you are not lying about "more fake people which I can't stomach".Womp womp!

Yea twitter is fun once you figure it out. you'll be addicted in no time. just you watch!


And to those who think this email is fake, I have the email with the headers in its original form, not a copy. Of course, it could be that she thought Trey was a "nobody" until she met him. But it's interesting to see what she thought about him until he started kissing her ass.

It will take Trey a hot minute (depending upon how dumb he is) to figure out that he was used for blog hits. But then again, he used her too, right?

Oh, by the way, the person she sent this email to originally DID NOT forward the email to me. I want to make that clear! Let's just say I have my ways of getting information.

Moving right along...

There is talk that Trey and (allegedly gay) actor/model Dorian Standberry (College Hill Atlanta) were intimate in the past until Trey dumped him for (allegedly gay) rapper Drake. Now, I don't know this to be a fact. But the rumors just won't quit! Below are comments gleaned from a post on Gossipjacker blog. Oh, and I am in negotiations with a man who claims to have bedded Trey in a seedy Atlanta motel room -- and he has the photos to prove it! Normally, I don't buy photos unless they're from a legit wire service. But in this case, I think I'll get my money's worth!

“Trey Songz is known in ATL as a DL brotha who is known in ATL to LOVE YELLOW BROTHAS.
his reputation is that he likes lightskin guys and will dig deep up in them and uses other names and he meets them on line.

“yo seriously i’m DL and when i first started seeing them together i KNEW what trey was doing with Drake and it ain’t making pretty music.”

“Ask Dorian from college hill how Trey dogged him, and that’s why he outted him on Twitter.”

“A friend of mine works as Trey’s bodyguard and also I know people that have been with Trey who is a bottom (takes it in the rear). I’m not hating, but Trey is very ignorant to those who were there for him when his career was just beginning as well as men who were with him thinking he was faithful.”

"yes the truth will surface because on another website a few weeks back, a former lover was offering to sell naked pics of Trey. Thats how sloppy he is."

Below is a very Teh Ghey video of Trey and Drake bumping and grinding at some concert. Watch at the 0:47 sec. mark as Trey reaches around Drake while simultaneously humping his butt. Then at the 2:07 mark, Trey reaches out to his lover who wisely avoids any more displays of public affection. Watch at the 2:08 mark as gay Trey flicks his wrist at Drake as he walks by.

  • LadyJustice =)

    It seems that one of my readers pulled a fast one on me by emailing me to say that Trey won the “BET Best One-hit-wonder Award.” After tweeting a congratulatory message to Trey on Twitter, I checked with BET, and as it turns out, there is no such award.


    :rofl: Sandra NOW U KNOW there was no such award!

  • Daisy

    Oh so SR is going to play the innocent act lol I see you Sandra

    Team Trey with his fine sexy azz :hump:

  • mizzdallas

    Sandra you started the mess, but thats what I like about you, you are soooo MESSY! this what I come to sr for DRAMA DRAMA and more DRAMA. WOW! so the email you posted brings me to question is NB gay...?

  • iscream

    :lmao: gotta love it. Gotta f'ing love LOVE IT!!!

  • iyonah

    I can't ... lmao ...I really want to comment but SR verbiage has me on the floor right now

    ", Trey reaches out to his lover who wisely avoids any more displays of public affection. Watch at the 2:08 mark as gay Trey flicks his wrist at Drake as he walks by."

  • iyonah

    @mizzd you crack me up ... least you being ohonest though!

    :welcome: Trey & stans ... I know yall reading!

  • iyonah


  • Daisy

    NB always says she has been friends with Trey since her radio dayz in Detroit so I need to hear her comment on this email anything can be documented :coffee:

  • Daisy

    *doctored* ^

  • Nina

    Dang, Sandra you just went in... :coffee:

  • Nina

    Johnta's about to email you....lmao

  • LilMissRed

    oooooo the DRAMA! LOVES IT!

  • 2bme

    coming for blood sandra..ooh wee..i have no words and ..damn no words

  • ELove

    Bow Wow is just SO HAPPY right now since you're CLOWNING Someone other than him ...

    AND you're giving Trey-Day the NO VASELINE treatment TOO :rofl:

  • Charles

    Fuck gay song and his flop ass career he had no right to come for sandra and that's why I dragged his flop ass he aint done shit/sold shit/earned shit and will never be shit, stick to mixtapes gay song

  • LadyJustice =)

    I like Trey's Music Ready and Anticipation were HAWT :dance:

  • Charles

    Sandra this all the proof I need I knew he was gay and untalented and a flop but here is proof

    I heard his label was going to drop his flop ass

  • iyonah

    Morning Charles :coffee:

  • lovejoy1

    MizzD the drama got me hooked as well..

    Sandra can you post some of these tweets comments.. or atlease what Trey say to start the whole SR bashing.. I dont know why you acting all sensative about it- you bash all day long...You know u could care a phuc what those people say about u.. but still I love the drama the drama the drama like Mizzd said..lmao

    Trey getting that :hump: on huh :coffee:

  • Divinebrown

    Sandra why are you :shotsfired1: Trey? You picked on him first!!

    Trey is not a :homosign:

    I hope....shiet I hope!! Stop it Charles, you know he isn't gay!!! Sandra knows that is the quickest way to get people to give him the side eye!!

  • lovejoy1

    Why do i believe Charles is really sandra... Is it true?

  • BayArea

    LMAO. Sandra, I love it when you GO HARD!!! That 2:07 mark was priceless.

    Trey you wasn't even orginal with that photo of Sandra $hit. Next..................

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  • Shauny

    Now Charles do you see what you started? You know you contacted Sandra and told her Trey won that award AND that after she posted that crap (which she knew wasn't an award in the first place) Trey went in on her HARD.....ROTFLMAO

    The Trey is gay chit is old and played out and I don't give a rats azz if he is or isn't because I love his music just like I love this site because it's so messy and filled with drama regardless of your personal preference Sandra.

    Then you dragged NB into it too....geez Wonder if she'll do another Dear Diary letter to clear this one up.

  • ELove

    I'm thru drinking my :coffee: for the day ...

    NOW I'll be eating some of @yvonne's :popcorn:
    WHILE I'm checking in on THE DRAMA, THE DRAMA, THE DRAMA

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I guess I'll be the voice of reason this morning and say :yawn:

    Who cares if he is gay or not? What does that have to do with his music? And Ms. Rose, you knew good and damn well there was no such one-hit-wonder award, so don't be acting all innocent. :rolleyes:

    I mean, some of the drama is cool - when it's not just one person going in on another for no reason. But, this is just a little bit obsessive, no?

  • iyonah

    This is why I come to SR and comment ...

    "Then you dragged NB into it too….geez Wonder if she’ll do another Dear Diary letter to clear this one up."

    LOL @ DEAR DIARY ... no really who told you to type that? It tickles me everytime I read it!

  • Charles

    Trey songz is gay my sources never lie they always tell me the truth like they also predicted flopicas album will tank and I didn't tweet sandra or drag necole into it

  • Daisy

    Trey I am glad you finally stood up for yourself :clap: you can go back to taking the high road again from this point on!

    :waiting: on Johntas letter..East where you at lol

  • missy

    Can I say i was waiting for this post :ashamed: (woke up late)

    Okay I just watched the vid and there are a little suspect moves at the exact points you pointed out but I mean if you gat proof then i wanna see (i'm trying not to be nosey)and if trey gay he is gay but I had a crush on him and this would mean my gaydar is broke (if he is gay).

    And you know that their was no one hit wonder award.......anyways i'll sit back and enjoy. :popcorn:

  • Nina

    Daisy, did Trey respond?

  • Daisy

    Nina do u mean since this wkend and this post? If so then no not when I checked twitter this am

  • Charles

    @30 that fag said he was just joking, the only joke is his record sales, that shit has me rolling 2 albums and still slept on!

  • Shauny

    Charles Trey has 3 albums and he debuted at #2 with his 3rd. Very good for someone who's a flop.

    Keep doing your thang Trey but don't turn into Fabolous. I know you let your guard down and came back at Sandra but don't take this route the next time. Just keep ignoring it.

    Sandra, stop the madness.

  • aqtpie

    :rofl: @this post!!! Only on SR!!!

  • Nina

    Daisy - Ok, I was saying since this post. If so, I was curious as to what he said. I missed the whole twitter drama this weekend too. (I'm late)

  • 2thick4u

    Damn...this is and Trey going at it on Twitter :argue: !!!

    This can't be real.

    I Love Trey music and whatever his sexuality is...I wish him the best. As long as he keep making beautiful music, I'll always be a fan ;)

  • musicluvher

    Team Sandra!!!

    Trey makes great music but he has always set off my gaydar.
    Nothing surprises me about the music industry anymore.

  • starr

    This is classic sandrarose!!! LMAO at all of this!!!

    I don't get the trey songz hype. Idk if dude is gay, and i don't care...but i'm not sure he's all there lol

  • Anti-believer


    Why haven't you said anything about Jamie Foxx, Drake and Trey? You know they did that song "Digital Girl" with Kanye West. They all suspect. I'm sure Jamie fucked Drake & trey that night of the shoot.

  • Anti-believer


  • netta0281

    [This comment was removed because it violated our terms of service. Any further comments of this nature will result in a ban without warning.]


  • netta0281


  • netta0281


  • candycane

    I doubt if he's gay and I didnt read the long post, but what I do know, is that is one sexy azz maphucka right dere Ummm hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    grrrrrroooowllllllll (that's my cougar call)

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  • Shauny

    Damn netta, what you say? You were worse than Charles? His chit is never removed and he goes IN

  • pointhimout

    sandra, ur outta line and you must be stopped. whew, i would eff the ish outta trey songz. god he is sexy as hell. naked pics mean nuttin to me. sure, i can't wait to see them, but i want proof that he takes it up the arse. im getting turned on just thinking about that sexy ass body of his.

    im not sure what the beef is with SR and TS, but he can get it and any hour of the day. mm mmm mmm.


  • Charles


    Is that a unemployed trey songz stan coming for sandra,

    Trust don't get a lite read we can play dr suess in here

  • netta0281

    never that i have a job but i am all for trey and i let her have it and she couldnt take it lol

  • netta0281

    @shauny nothing much charles say worse but of course she willnt ban her self she is charles lol do you have a twitter shauny or email address

  • terika83

    Sandra you KNOW there is no one hit wonder award....come on now. So messy lol

  • ontheotherboard

    Has MamaSongz had anything to say about all this. And this boy is a mamazboy to the 10t power! Golly forbid any pics of any alleged DLism with hits the net!