WSB-TV 2 reports that vandals ransacked the church owned by R&B singer Monica's stepfather. The tiny St. Marks United Methodist church in Fairburn has been hit twice in one week according to police.

Police are beefing up patrols in the area where the church sits at the corner of Bay and Oak Streets. The congregation doesn't understand why anyone would want to do damage to the church. Vandals first ransacked the kitchen before stealing a DVD, punched a hole in an office door and knocked over a framed picture of Monica.

"We can give them food. all they have to do is ask for it. And we can provide them with a DVD player if they want one," said Monica's stepfather the Rev. Best.

  • Daisy

    I was waiting on to you post this. I saw somebody on twitter talking about this.

    I :pray: for the person who would do such a thing so sad.

  • Certified Sexy

    That’s horrible and really juvenile! I hope they catch whoever it was! (SMH)

  • Mahogany03

    Kneegrows...smh. I'm glad that no one was hurt and I hope the troublemakers pay for what they did. This is truly pathetic.

  • MizzLeelee

    This is sad news. People can be so stupid. I hope who ever did this get what they deserve.

  • creole sugah

    who vandalizes a church? sign of the times i reckon.What Ive learned is when man tries to do you harm, God truly does make it for your good.

    :sidebar: where can i get those glasses? :heart:


    this is really sad. i really dont understand why people would do something like that in a church...dont they understand that God sees them.

  • Daisy

    Sadly churches are vandalized quite often now

    Her glasses are cute

  • missy

    Ummmmmmmmmmm.....WOW ..I know this isn't anything new but every time i hear about people vandalizing a church it makes me sick to my stomach......

    I also wonder why do they do it..Is it revenge,hate crime,desperation,on drugs..etc.. What could possibly bring someone to rob a Church?

  • onlinefan

    i'm too afraid of people that would break into a church. if they don't respect a church - a sacred place, then you know they don't have any regard for any human walking around either.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    I don't think they targeted the church because they knew it was Monica's stepfather's church. They probably was looking for the money from the tithes, building fund, missionary etc.

  • Vneezy

    So sad but sounds like some attention seeking folks. Was this going on before the church was featured on her show? So sad!

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    onlinefan Says:

    i’m too afraid of people that would break into a church. if they don’t respect a church - a sacred place, then you know they don’t have any regard for any human walking around either.


    I feel that way too about people that mess with graves. No respect for dead or living.

  • mirsmommy

    :-o This is sad. Who would vandalize a church???? This is just ridiculous for someone to do such a trifling thing!!!! I hope they catch whoever did this!!!!!

  • mistarie

    This is sad. Maybe it was someone that she knew. I mean #noshade, but why knock over her picture? I'll tell you, people have absolutely no regard for anyone but themselves nowadays. This is absolutely sad and disgusting. People like this, you just have to pray for. For real. SMDH.

  • Marinemomma

    Get a job why don't cha!

  • CivilEngineer

    WTH? It takes an evil person to come into God's house and take from his people! SMH

  • ohpretty1

    I understand the pastor's statement. BUT if anyone came to a church simply asking for a DVD player, they'd look at them cross-eyed, let's be honest. Food, clothing and other basic needs, yes, it's the Christian thing to do.

  • ohpretty1

    Northside Methodist (Atlanta) was also in the news. They are looking to the congregation and/or employees of the church b/c there was no forced entry. That really ticked me off.

  • ~LovLi~

    That's messed up. Crooks don't care who, what, where they steal from as long as they get it. We've had people continually steal the air units from our church.
    Such a shame.

  • ~LovLi~

    I don't think her picture being knocked over was the way they made it seems. The news does that to make it seem more threatening or personal, there were probably other things knocked over as well.

  • pointhimout

    sh!t, my church was robbed too. all kinda claims being filed. and yes mr insurance company, the safe with $100,000 was stolen too. amen.

  • missy


    @Daisy-I just saw the pic of CB n dem..& I have so many questions...Why CB cleaning of that chicken like that.....and Usher looking all proper and ish because he was hogging the plate...& Akon tilting his head back.... :rofl: Why they ain't share none with Polow he giving them the *SEOD* like they suppose to give him some... :dead:

    CB got that chicken all in his mouth like that taste good/you clean that chicken bone. :rofl:

  • Daisy

    @Missy I told you they were KILLIN that chicken :rofl: there is no proper way to eat a chicken wing you must GO IN on them :lol:

  • missy

    @Daisy .... Girl when I'm out I eat my chicken wings like usher..I be acting all cute and stuff(i used a knife and fork before but it didn't turn out great)..... but when i'm home i eat my chicken like CB ....

  • Shauny

    Why Charles Why....I kid I kid :lolol:

    That's a damn shame that these idiots would vandalize a church. Who does that?

  • Ms.kaylamomma


    Did anyone see that show on TLC "One Big Happy Family" or whatever the name is? I'm appalled at this show.

  • Daisy

    @Missy well when me and the girls go to the sportsbar to watch the game I GO IN on my wings :lol:

    @Shauny :rofl:


    Peolpe just aint gut right..........

  • Daisy

    @MsKay I have never watched that TLC show but I am watching Launch my line and its pretty good

    Monicas cousin needs her eyebrows arched

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Saw a snippett of "the big happy family" show just now and they were on the way to the water park and one of the guys was saying that he only wanted to get in water that was up to his stomach. So why did the other big woman say to him "Which stomach do you want the water to stop at"? :blink:

  • missy

    @Ms.Kaylamomma-Will you believe me when I say........that I was going to my bed but I had seen it whiles I was flipping throw the channels at midnight and decided to watch.......Heavens and earth.....How is your child gonna put on 28 pounds and you don't know.....I am all into accepting yourself and comfortable in your own skin...but they need help........

    @Shauny- :lol:

    @Daisy-I don't know why I like to play KEWTE but....if I start GOING IN I make sure no one looking at me.....if they do I give them a stank eye......

  • missy


  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Yes, they need help. The whole damn family. SMH

  • attorneymom

    This is sad. Them damn crackheads will still the enamel off your teeth.

  • Silhouette

    It take a really trifling person to vandalize and steal from the church.

    DEAD@ Shuany #25 :rofl:

  • missy

    I don't care who y'all say has the best comment for 2009 in2wishon wins that award hands down with this comment

    "Seal has been through alot…and the reason is nails are black is because of his african ancestery is very deep.Its a hereditary thing.

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Heavens and earth ..this is classic

    I still remember this comment

    Sandra can you please do a wrap-up of 09

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    Where did the post about that lady agent of the stars go?

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    Heck let me do one about the commenters no one please be offended...

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    @texa-I guess Sandra took that post down I don't see it either.....

  • texarican mamacita

    Well, damn Missy :clap: at your awards

    I accept my award but first I have to say that, MISSY HAS THE BEST GRAVI'S EVER!!! (C) Kanye :lol:

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    @texa-I just felt like giving out awards....& I am so humble I will accept you saying I have the best gravi's :lol: ...

    Oh and Lil wayne wins best sperm donor/magic stick of '09

    & people Those awards aren't clique related I think everyone on here deserves an award.......So give yourself an award where you think you fit in......

  • Anna

    Missy, I thank you for the nomination, wait, my award and I accept it with glee. This room is more funny while I am home. Never mind, I get to laugh out loud at home vs spraying my computer screen trying to hold in a laugh at work.
    I do have to agree. You get the best Gravi award along with MsHawthorne's pic of Katt's mug shot. I :pray: that everyones 2010 is entertaining as 2009 and Sandra did not let the newbies in to replace the "old heads". We all better make sure we can log on tomorrow. Sandra can wipe all of us out with "The Red Batman Button". Holy Toledo Batman.

  • Anna

    missy Says:

    @texa-I just felt like giving out awards….& I am so humble I will accept you saying I have the best gravi’s …

    Oh and Lil wayne wins best sperm donor/magic stick of ‘09

    & people Those awards aren’t clique related I think everyone on here deserves an award…….So give yourself an award where you think you fit in……
    We all should give ourselves a round of applause(isn't that a Rih song? Round of applause, standing ovation)?. Oops. My bad with your CB Gravi. But damn Missy, did you have to put Lil Wayne/sperm donor/magic stick on the list? :lol: I am laughing/crying and hubby has to go to work tomorrow. Are you trying to ruin a marriage? I think I have lost 10 lbs and thousands of calories today. I think I cracked a rib laughing so hard.

  • missy

    @Anna says:.... We all should give ourselves a round of applause(isn’t that a Rih song? Round of applause, standing ovation)?. Oops. My bad with your CB Gravi.

    :lolol: ...That's okay and I'm glad you are grateful for your award....

    sorry about the lil wayne comment..And I'm not rying to ruin your marriage :ashamed:

    Anywho :goodnite: all

  • Karamelkisses76

    Shauny said what I was thinking. Low blow, Charles. Real, real low..... :lolol: I kid I kid, too.

    Isn't there any place sacred or off limits? I mean, Jeesh!

  • trynabeme

    Aww man I'm hecka tardy for the party...

    Texa I noticed that story is gone too...Sandra somebody got on yo helmet about runnin' off at the mouth huh? SMH...This makes the second time in recent history *coughs*TI*coughs*

    Shout to Missy! Sorry I missed the (whole damn) awards lame I didn't even plug in to accept via satalite. :champ:

    1st giving honor to God who is the head of my life. I'd like to say that for da 20-10 we gon do it way bigger, way better. We gon keep shakin' the haters off and gettin' money baby! I wanna thank my job for providing a comfortable place for me to ALWAYS connect wit my SandraRose fam...cause yall see I've MIA while on vacay...I wanna thank whoever put me up on this site so many years ago...without you, whoever you are, this would not be possible! ONE!

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    Alright @ Missy :claps: On point with your list. Hopefully Sandra will let us go off topic today so we can discuss the various events of 2009 :whistle:

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Yea, and auntie, why did you take down that post about the publicist/blogger story?? :waiting:

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    *run up on stage with a half empty bottle of Henny like Kanye, and begin to speak, with a slurred speech*

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  • Ms.kaylamomma

    @ mirsmommy ------------------>

    You WILL be ringing in the New Year from the KONA :rofl:

    Good morning.

  • Daisy

    @Mirs :rofl: #nooffensetaken

    Morning All :coffee:

  • mirsmommy

    @ ms.kaylamomma, why I gotta go to the Kona??????

    @ Daisy, I'm so glad you're not offended, you know there's some sensitive folks on here. :wink:

  • j.c.

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    :lol: Do I really have to go???? It's New Year's Eve, have a :heart:


  • blackprince