Days before TMZ reported this incident involving legendary producer Teddy Riley, I received an email from the daughter who made the allegations of physical abuse. But I deleted the email without even reading it, believing it to be a prank from a reader.

That’s the way it goes sometimes in the world of blogging. Decisions have to be made on a daily basis to maintain credibility.

Anyway, Riley has released a statement denying the allegations. But a judge saw fit to grant his daughter a restraining order soooo…

As TMZ first reported, one of Riley’s adult daughters obtained a restraining order against him, claiming the singer beat her and her sister and threatened to hurt them with a guitar from the video game Rock Band earlier this month.

But in a statement to TMZ, Teddy flat-out denies the allegations — and insists the entire situation arose because his parenting techniques allowed his kids to have “an inflated sense of entitlement and expectation.”

Here’s the statement in its entirety:

    Due to recent events, I am compelled to respond in detail to accusations made against me, by my daughters.

    I love my Daughters, but I will not allow my children to disrespect me in my home. Contrary to what I have been accused of, I would never beat my children.

    Perhaps, I should have been a stronger disciplinarian as they were growing up. I worked very hard so that my children would want for nothing.