A loyal reader has informed us that another gossip blog just outed the struggling R&B singer Trey Song.

According to my loyal reader, the gossip blog has proof that Trey is in fact bisexual. We realize that this news may come as a shock to those of you who have difficulty identifying a bisexual man even if he had “I’M GAY” tattooed on his forehead.

But we told you so.

She writes:

I asked around and it’s some truth behind one of his male lovers. Now you know I’m gonna kick you these beats like no other. Ok so B is saying Trey had a relationship with underground singer Brandon Hines. But what they didn’t say was Brandon Hines went to Howard Univ. Around ’05-07 time frame and everyone on campus knew he was trying to be a recording artist AND that he lived a secret alternative lifestyle. He and Trey have been friends under the radar recording and hanging together tough. I never put two and two together until being reminded of it today. My source said they think the two met at one of Howard’s homecomings in ’05 or ’06 but they are NOT 100% that is where they first met each other.

PS I know one of Brandon Hines lovers who was a Kappa at Howard.

We will have more developments as this story unfolds.