Punk/rock/R&B Diva Pink brought a circus atmosphere to the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards tonight when she sang "Glitter In The Air" from her Funhouse album. The athletic star twirled, flipped, and spun like a precision top while suspended from a white sheet. No one else touched this performance. Pink should have won a GRAMMY for putting the 'show' into the GRAMMY Awards show.

Who else wishes Pink would have sang her hit "Stupid Girl" while Beyonce sat looking stupid in the audience?

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  • nyvixen

    I agree! Although, this is the third time I have seen her perform this routine on television. Beyonce..step your game up! And your dress was hideous.

  • jrzy_girl

    YES YES YES she did. I was on edge the entire time wondering if she would fall or slip but she did that!! No one else came close to such a performance.

  • Natasha


  • purplexxe7

    Hands down PINK owned the night.....she had my undivided attention throughout the entire performance. Everything was on point....her vocals were strong & consistent, she looked fabulous, the routine was brilliant......I give her 5 stars.BEYONCE didn't have ***t on her 2night.Sorry Bey.

  • Sindy

    Poor Sandra just can't stop hating on Beyonce. I think you secretly want to be Beyonce.

  • miss_meka

    Sandra stop being a hater. besides pink has done this 10x on tv...didnt B say she was taking a break :shrugs:

  • miss_meka

    Imagine when she really bring it..she breaking now

  • H-Townmama

    You are right...the performance was breathtaking. Its been done a few times but it is still kick A**!
    Her vocals were perfect, she didnt yell, didnt oversing, she just sang with emotion and feeling. It sounded genuine.

  • starr2910

    yup..she killed it..not only did she spin round and round and round..she didn't miss a beat..I was very much into her performance..I say that it was a lot better than someone who was on their knees on stage, swingin their hair around for no..dang ..reason!

  • http://myspace.com/erikamagaly Hermosa

    Yeah, NO! I've seem her do this countless times. It's nothing new.

    But y'all can keep talking about Beyonce. She dud make history for being THE ONLY FEMALE to win 6 Grammys in one night.


  • CivilEngineer

    She won SIX!! And yes Pink was good but if she would have done "Stupid Girls" wouldn't that make her a hypocrite? :shrugs: She wasn't wearing much up there herself

  • msnicole

    Wow, what a hater. I wasn't that impressed, same song, same show by Pink for months.

    Why do you guys have to compare EVERY damn female singer to Beyonce. Its so stupid. You all talk about how you're so sick of Bey, yet you continue to bring her name up in every post. What does Pink have to do w/ Bey? Absolutely nothing other than they were two performers among many at the Grammy's.

    And "Stupid Girls" is not about people like Bey. Its about those like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus. I don't know why she did that Bey imitating last week, because the lyrics talk about those kind of celebrities.

  • KrayZKat

    I may not be a fan of Bey's, but I wish the sister much, much success. She's doing her thing and she's been in the game a long time. It's not surprising that so many black people don't like her. Jealousy is a bytch.

  • CivilEngineer

    If you wanna compare them Sandra...Beyonce looked much better during her performance than Pink the hermaphrodite! :lol:

  • Anti-believer



  • Anti-believer


  • http://chitchatta.com Yadda Yadda

    That was great, her entire performance was on point. side note: I would've been mad as hell if she dripped water on me.

  • Lizzyb

    Pink awed me, her Voice was amazing, she took the night! She could have sat in a chair and just sung but she didn't! Same with GAGA, a little much but underneath all that extra...Gaga's voice got me on itunes...downloading and stuff! Bey had that freaky combo stripper gear/dance-emo song sh*t going on..
    I just didn't love it, wish she would do stripped down Bey less wig (it was awful, could see the stitching), less booty, less legs akimbo.. more sanging, cuz she can!

  • http://www.myspace.com/importantblackwomen Necelove

    That was a nice performance, I never seen her perform that before. I know I would of been dizzy as hell. She landed an ran away. Dang girl! YOU GO PINK! Luv it!

  • Kimi

    I love Pink and Beyonce but Pink did the damn thing and I love Glitter in the Air. Pinks body is AMAZING!! Go Girl :cheer:

  • http://myspace.com/katgirl33 katgirl33

    Yeah, Pink did tear it up...but Beyonce did a good job too.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    I will admit that Pink vocally gave the best performance but I am tired if seeing her swing in the air.

    The thing I don't like about Pink is that she is a racist. She talks slick about Black folks and I don't like it. She needs to be checked.

    She is mad that she is really a dl homo and she is sexually frustrated. :homo:

    Sidebar: My sons say that she is a man. :rofl:

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Sorry, I meant "of", "if".

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    I meant "swinging".

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Sasha is killing Beyonce's career.

  • bama_n_jersey

    Yes, I think Pink had a good performance. It was especially amazing how she was twirling and still hitting the notes of her song. I don't know many people (cough)Beyonce that could do that

  • http://twitter.com/eastpointvet eastpointvet

    having a good perfomance is cool but who actually took home 6 grammys?

  • free

    that's gangster! but...this was my first time seeing the performance so i was captivated by it and the song. however, if she does this all the time, then i have to take a few points away.

  • nika405

    :cosign: East. At the end of the day, both ladies did their thing. And didn't Beyonce sing swinging upside down before?

  • aqtpie

    Who else wishes Pink would have sang her hit “Stupid Girl” while Beyonce sat looking stupid in the audience?
    IMO That depends on if Pink would be holding the Grammy she won tonight while singing stupid girl. :coffee: She did a great job tonight but I like Lady Gaga.

  • jazi65

    :notworthy: Pink stole the show

    Tribute to MJ was next

    The rest........blah..bey's was painful to watch..gurl needs to step it up or step aside.

  • LaTechGrad02

    Loved this performance, MJ's tribute, and Lady Antebellum well until the curtain dropped on old girl's head :)

  • jazi65

    Oh snap I forgot about Mary J - Lawd! She brought the house down :notworthy:

  • keekee83

    Pink did a awesome job!!! Not comparing Pink to B because they are in two separate lanes. I was unimpressed by Beyonce's performance. She song a song from the same album that she song from last year. This means she doesn't have any new material and therefore left me boRED. I like Beyonce's voice but for all of the people complaining about how folks are doing the same ol routine, Beyonce does that same bit with the addition of the Alanis Morrisette song on her tour...nothing new. I wish she would just come out and suprise us with something awe inspiring.

  • kwall

    loves me some alicia (pink's gubbment name) she was the BOMB. mary was good too.

  • Kat

    The awards were blah but yes Pink did her thing...even tho she did that same performance on some other award show. I like Lady Ga Ga...she is weird but I like her. Good for Bey for taking home 6 grammy's...and it it wasn't for Kanye, Taylor Swift wouldn't have won Best Album of the year...Bey would have. And I thought the MJ tribute could've been better. Chris Brown, Usher, Ginuine and Timberlake should've done some kind of dancing or something. At least that's what I was expecting.

  • kwall

    beyaki made me mad messing up my alanis song.

  • LuvKaya

    No Pink didn't give the best performance

    Greenday did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    then it was Mary J!!!!!!!!!!

    Bey wore the same dress Rhianna did in one of her photoshoots and swagga jacked the concept of Hard with the military men-WICKEDY WACK

  • Millie08

    :cosign: off topic did anyone else see Beyonce almost fall!

  • biglegs36

    I love Pink, she always does her thang on stage. You have to be a bad Bytch to spin around in the air and still sing perfectly like you are standing still!

  • Daisy


    I LOVED how Taylor had the Bey STANS pissed on twitter last night :rofl: So now they are stuck on Bey winning 6 Grammys well good for her but Grammys are political these days and Frankie Bev doesnt have one and they are beyond Grammy worthy!

    Pink did sound good but Carrie and J hud sounded BETTA :yes:

    Usher IRKED me falling to his knees during MJs tribute

  • wtf

    DEAD at people calling out pink for doing the same thing...Beyonce's performance was from her TOURRR....she has done that performance 200 times already..infact that was pathetic for her ..cmon bey what happened to being creative???.. smh..only difference is PINK was better..

    And her six grammys were joke...she won an award for songwritting when we all damn know she did not write that track...whats worse is she won for vocal performace in both pop and rnb..can whoever was handing these awards decide which category she is actually classified in...its like maxwell winning for rap as well..where they do that at..what a JOKEEEEEE!!! unless you are dense, the grammys awards had nothing to do with talent!!

  • Daisy

    AKeys will rack up on her Grammys next yr :cheer:

    I want to see Sade, Akeys, Kanye, Rihanna and Cbreezy next yr!

  • LaTechGrad02

    The Grammy Awards would've been off the hook if the Fugees had reunited and Roberta Flack had joined them for the Haiti relief portion. Still loved Andrea Bocelli and Mary. Beautiful song.

  • FloridaChick813

    Well I can honestly say that I didnt even tune into the Grammy's.. I was watching a movie with Lil Man, and can GUARANTEE it was much MORE entertaining..

    From the pics above, looks like Pink was doing a performance at Majic City instead of the Grammy's :yes:

    Ooh and good Morning everyone :D

  • Jewelry

    Unfortunately, Pink just gave Scarecrow and Mrs. King (Beyonce) another "idea" to steal and claim that it was original.

  • jo4mine

    :cosign: with WTF from beginning to end.

  • M_promp2

    I think it was pretty awesome too.

  • danjas

    just the fact that she was doing all that spinning around & could still carry a tune was amazing. lawd knows i would of thrown up all down on that crowd with all that turning & spinning she was doing. and her body was on point. guess it had to be to pull off wearing that outfit. it was a great performance though.

  • M_promp2

    I thought Bey was gonna bang her head into the ground. IDK, why she does all that head banger stuff.

  • http://talkingwithtami.com/blog talkingwithtami

    Pink shut it down hands down! She did an amazing job everybody else was luke warm in my opinion.

  • http://thecubiclechick.com STLVixen

    I thought Pink was going to do her same ole trapeze act from previous shows but she fooled me. I think her performance was the best one of the night followed by Lady Goo Goo and the MJ Tribute. I did not care for Bey's performance at all. Why she tried to sing Alanis's You Oughta Know was not a good choice.

    As a matter of fact, most the performances last night were lackluster. There were few moments that impressed me.

  • Al-Ameera

    To be honest, I wasn't impressed by any of the performances last night. All mediocre in my opinion. Yeah Pink's voice sounded good but she's a singer, it's her job, it's supposed to sound good. All that swinging in the air then the wet dog tricks....ehhh not so much.

  • Mspeng

    I never saw Pink's performance but judging from the comments from so many on my facebook feed it was really good. All I wanna say though, is that Beyonce should never sing Alanis Morrissette again! Ever! It's not her style, it doesn't suit her voice and she messed up a good song I used to love back in the day.

  • Danielle84

    @Al-Ameera- "Wet dog trick" :rofl:

    Pink doesn't do it for me either! The whole show wasn't that great IMO

  • Daisy

    @La I agree the Fugees would have been HAWT


    Ummmmm...no ma'am. @ Civil I said she was a hermaphrodite a loooong time ago. Ladies shouldnt look like Ursher below the waist. I wasnt impressed with Panks performance at all ... :coffee:

  • Al-Ameera

    Yeah, Pink has always looked like a teenaged boy to me but that's just what I think.

  • pointhimout

    that was a hot performance. pink has been doing her thang ever since she came out. she has never been wack.

  • tbrown

    Loved Pink. Loved her performance; definitely one of the best. I think the other was Elton John and Gaga. That slayed me! SIR ELTON JOHN! Awesome; too awesome. :)

  • Milan Millian

    I was just saying to myself while watching Pink's performance...look at how little her tittle's are....and how everyone didn't get wet?

  • http://myspace.com/gemini850 Jalisa

    Pink performance was the best of the night. Pink have always been good. The crowd gave her a standing ovation. I didn't like Beyonce, I like the arrangements of the songs but that was it. Lady gaga was also awesome.

    :offtopic: Taylor Swift won album of the year because she sold the MOST albums in 2009. That Kanye accident happen at the end of september. She was already multi-platinum by then. If any of y'all watch award shows besides the BET awards, you will know, That Taylor wins at least 2 awards every show. I admit, I have her album, and I like all her songs but 1.

  • Buddafly

    @ 39

    Sure did, I think Jay got up clapping only because he was happy she didnt bust her a**.

    I so loved Pink's performance. Yes, it was my first time seeing it and I would watch it again because I liked it!

  • pinky2083

    I guess I'm weird.. I don't think Pink had the best performance of the night, still love her though.

    @Millie08, I saw Bey almost fall too.. my best friend and I were weak!! She better watch how she walk in them heals! :rofl:

  • Buddafly

    Im getting tired of this Taylor girl.

    Who in the he!! in the 2nd grade said they were gonna be on the grammys?

    She comes off as fake to me, She should be kissing Kanye butt cause if it werent for him she wouldnt have gotten all those awards.

    If i was her I would rather the awards for my talent not pitty!

  • intensemocha


  • intensemocha



  • Negrito

    No matter what Pink does she always looks like a hardcore lesbian and she has a manly body. This he/she scares the shit out of me and her music is awful.

  • OutsidetheBox

    <---cant stand a fake hoe.


  • msnicole

    Ummm sorry but there is nothing feminine about Pink. Her body is shaped like a rectangle with no shape at all. Plus she is always sniping at other artists. I don't see why she feels the need to down someone else. Focus on yourself and career and you'll be alright.

  • msnicole

    Plus Bey gyrates and dances all over the stage like crazy, hangs from wires in her conerts and still stays on key, so I don't think Pink has anything on her.

  • Buddafly

    Speak of doing a performance several times over.....

    How many times have we seen Jamie Foxx do Blame it???

    Who care how many times its done, It how it's done that matters.

    Its a lot of hating go on on here. WOW! SMH

  • Lyssa02

    Pink's performance in my opinion was definitely one of the best of the night. I like Beyonce and all, but her performance was not all that to me...and all that gyrating and dirty whining all on the ground was all kinds of wrong! She may have won 6 grammys and she should be congratulated for that but her performance was kinda BLAH!

  • Say It Aint So Joe

    I think Pink is an amazing artist. I’ve liked her since her “There You Go” days.

  • Al-Ameera

    Well since someone brought up There You Go, it kills me how she was such an "urban" artist and then when she blows up she is all rock-y and all she does is diss urban artist. Just fake but at the end of the day I don't care cuz who is she?

  • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

    Honestly, I said this EXACT same thing. I'm not trying to make a Beyonce' comparison though. BUT as far as Pink doing the performance several times - ACTUALLY, she did a performance while swinging on the high ropes like they do at the circus. That's not what she did here.

    PS: How many times have you seen Beyonce do, "If I Were a Boy"?? If Pink gets ripped for doing the "same" performance - doesn't Beyonce?

    Speaking of Bey's performance; was I the only one TOTALLY confused about the need for an army behind you while performing, "If I Were A Boy"???? - I mean, it wasn't like she was about to do, "Rhythm Nati..." Oops, THAT'S been done before.

  • Kimmy

    Sandra, I whole-heartedly agree with you. Pink's performance was absolutely the best last night. I was speechless after her perfomance, it was so beautiful. It was amazing how she could be turning around like that and still be able to sing and sing in key...not one time did she get off-key. It was simply awesome.

  • Kimi

    Jalisa says:
    Taylor Swift won album of the year because she sold the MOST albums in 2009. That Kanye accident happen at the end of september. She was already multi-platinum by then. If any of y’all watch award shows besides the BET awards, you will know, That Taylor wins at least 2 awards every show. I admit, I have her album, and I like all her songs but 1.

    :preach: That sums it up, you can tell who doesn't veer outside of their comfort zones. These people on here saying they didn't know who Swift was hasn't ventured off of BET since 2008 :lolol: . She didn't ask Kanye to snatch the mike from her, so I can't see why people are annoyed with her :rolleyes:

  • ohpretty1

    East. At the end of the day, both ladies did their thing. And didn’t Beyonce sing swinging upside down before?

    No she was hanging upside down for about 30 seconds. That performance can't be compared to Pink's.

  • OutsidetheBox

    ^ could they be annoyed cause shes just not all that? Ive been listening o Taylor since her 1st album (I'+n the Disney set)...but to me she isnt as raw as say, Alanis Morrisette was...or even lil crazy Avril. Her beauty helps though. She's the epitome of what they want and like...

  • ohpretty1

    Honestly, I said this EXACT same thing. I’m not trying to make a Beyonce’ comparison though. BUT as far as Pink doing the performance several times - ACTUALLY, she did a performance while swinging on the high ropes like they do at the circus. That’s not what she did here.

    :cosign: These were different performances.

  • onlinefan

    Pink's performance was great. I don't know how she does all that spinning and flipping and still can hold her notes!

    viva la cirque du soilel !

  • http://facebook.com/Im2thick4u 2thick4u

    Pink's performance was AMAZING but the Black Eyed Peas was the show stopper for me :) !!!

  • http://Twitter.com/Juana4ev Joja86

    Pink did have a beautiful performance...already saw this from her so i wasn't that amazed. We already know she can sing & do all of that..she was a gymnast.

    As for Taylor, this has been was killed to death yesterday..
    Yes she was known before but let’s be serious..Since 2008 she wasn’t getting all these interviews, SNL appearances, articles,etc until after the stint.. this just boosted her even more (though some don’t want to admit it)! Kanye was mentioned all throughout the show & he wasn’t there!..Shows how they’ll forever be associated. And stop targeting black folks as though pop fans, rock fans,etc weren’t complaining. Just because many weren’t checking for her doesn’t mean we haven’t seen her name on the charts, on mtv, heard her songs in malls or as theme songs in shows such as One Tree Hill. Making that assumption is ignorant as well. People are not saying Kanye made her because she WAS around, he boosted her even more into the spotlight. Trust she wouldn’t have been mentioned that much nor her Twitter count skyrocket,etc had Kanye sat his ass down. Dave Matthew fans were questioning it and certainly Gaga's. She’s a country artist & was up on the charts thanks to her dedicated fans actually buying albums. We already argued that sales doesn’t always back-up talent. Truthfully her singing was off last night. This isn’t the billboard awards but some fans used her “11 week” status to show why she deserved it. Puh-lease. Let’s not act like black folks don’t have Kesha, Cascada, rock bands,etc in their ipods or that those dance songs aren’t played randomly in urban clubs. If that’s the case, folks wouldn’t be accepting towards Gaga then. She writes,etc but she will be a phase. Im happy for her but its funny to see some folks trying to claim diversity and sticking up for her yet they tear down their own artists. Is America that desperate for another sweetheart?? I’ll be sure to check people's stances again in a year…bandwagon much.

    My only problem is the Grammy uses folks' name to boost ratings,etc and mention them to hype folks up but shaft them during the actual show. Many don’t tune into the telecast to see them win. They should have at least presented 1 of Gaga’s category knowing she would win in it.
    She deserved something more...

  • http://Twitter.com/Juana4ev Joja86

    has been killed*

  • http://myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    No, I don't agree. It's the same performance she did at the last awards show I saw her on. It was cool the first time, but doing it again got on my nerves. I expect her to come harder than that.

  • Tan82

    I have to laugh every time I get on here cause some people are always dogging Bey. I beat yall were the same ones up in Phillips Arena this summer at her concert singing your hearts out!! Pink?? Who?? What?? Are you seriously comparing her to anybody!! She is in a category all her own. She doesn't even know who she is, so how can she say she doesn't wanna be a stupid girl. Ummmmmm, was this before or after LA Reid made you into a puppet??

  • Tan82


  • LeLe

    Pink's performance, IMO, was a bit much for primetv when alot of youngsters are watching. I didnt see anything good about it. She was about naked looking like a stripper all wet up in the air! Seeing all her butt. Her performance was no different that Janet Jackson's boob exposed during Superbowl. And to think Janet caught h*ll about her incident for the longest. This was a Good example white folk get away with alot!!!

  • kdillon

    Pink grossed over $102 million for her Fun House Tour, more than other female pop stars.... very underrated.

  • ohpretty1

    That sums it up, you can tell who doesn’t veer outside of their comfort zones. These people on here saying they didn’t know who Swift was hasn’t ventured off of BET since 2008 . She didn’t ask Kanye to snatch the mike from her, so I can’t see why people are annoyed with her

    Please go to youtube. Kanye didn't snatch anything from her. He asked for the mic and her slow ass handed it over. Period. THIS is why the situation is an annoyance: the moment was sensationalized and that did give a large boost to her record sales (check her record sales the week after the VMAs compared to any week prior except the week of the debut), appearances, etc.

  • http://pearlswindow.com Carrington

    Pink?? Who?? What?? Are you seriously comparing her to anybody!! She is in a category all her own. She doesn’t even know who she is, so how can she say she doesn’t wanna be a stupid girl. Ummmmmm, was this before or after LA Reid made you into a puppet??
    Really? Pink who? LMAO! Not that I'm a huge Pank fan <-- I said Pank - but check the stats, Pink's album "Funhouse" has been certified platinum SEVEN times.

    "I Am Sasha Fierce" - THREE, in other words, Beyonce's last album sold 3 million copies (which is certainly nothing to thumb your nose at in today's lagging sales) but Pink's last album sold twice that PLUS an extra milli for good measure.

    Question: "Who is Pink?"
    Answer: "Apparently a bad mf!"

    I'm inclined to agree with people who dare say that most of you CLEARLY have no idea about ANY genre of music other than the box you put YOURSELF into.

    You don't have to like Pink, or Taylor, or Jonas Brothers, does that make their talent less appealing to SOMEBODY out there? Apparently not! But guess what? There are JUST as many Taylor Hicks fans who would hear Mary J. Blige and be asking, "WTF?"

    If it's not your style, move around but your desire to live in a box doesn't lesson someone else's talent/marketability.

    There's room for everyone - get over yourselves.