Ladies, would you toss dirty drug money on top of your baby to take a cute profile photo for your social networking site? Looking at this cash, I can just imagine what the baby's mama did to earn it.

Hi Sandra,

After seeing your post on the baby with a lace front wig, I thought I might share with you an image that I found to be just as nearly ignorant. A mother has stacks of twenty dollar bills thrown on top of her baby... Who in the world would even THINK to do such a thing to a baby? But of course, ghetto is as ghetto does. I ran across this picture on a social networking profile of a girl with mutual irl (in real life) friends. It makes me want to reevaluate these relationships if these are the kinds of girls they associate with.


We interrupt your daily dose of celebrity news and gossip to bring you this important message.

Respected University professor and civil rights activist Cornel West used to be a Barack Obama bandwagon rider until he woke up from his Dream.

Maybe Mr. West should look up the definition of a narcissist to see why he's wasting his time appealing to Barack Obama's empathy and conscience -- he has none.

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Homewrecker Alicia Keys and her beau, producer Swizz Beatz who left his wife and son for Alicia, were spotted holding hands on a beach in Hawaii over the weekend. The ring on Alicia's finger begs the question: did Swizz and Alicia elope and get married? Is he officially divorced from his stalker Mashonda? No good will come out a relationship that was ill-conceived from the outset. It's not a matter of will Swizz cheat on Alicia, it's just a matter of when.

Chris Brown attended a menswear fashion show early today in Paris, France. What is he wearing on his feet? He looks like a Himalayan Sasquatch. The name on the straps reads 'John Balliano' and they probably cost a G, which means that no matter how stupid a brand name item looks, if it's expensive you can always find a dummy to wear it in the name of fashion.

Remember that photo of disgraced golf great Tiger Woods that was on all the blogs last week? Well, the paps who are gathered outside Tiger's sex rehab facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi thought they saw Tiger again on Friday, but it wasn't him. The dude was wearing the same type of clothing (t-shirt, shorts, ball cap, hoodie) the same jewelry and he was carrying a styrofoam cup in an obvious attempt to trick the media into believing the National Enquirer sold them pictures of a fake Tiger.

The images are going for $10,000 a pop so in order to keep the cash flowing uninterrupted, the National Enquirer hastily released a statement claiming their image of Tiger was the real mccoy. But now I'm hearing some of the media outlets don't believe the Enquirer and are asking for their money back.

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Local club promoter Slimm, left, partied with his lovely lady, actress Vivica A. Fox, who hosted a party in Miami this weekend. I won't name the club since they rudely banned my photographer from entering to take pictures even though it had been arranged beforehand. Slimm, Mr. Plush (pictured below, right), LisaRaye's publicist J. Peak (peakpublicity) and I had planned to watch the Saints/Vikings game last night at Fox Sports Grill, but Slimm's plane was delayed 50 times last night due to some technical snafu that shut down Hartsfield airport for hours yesterday. When I explained this to the Fox Sports Grill staff, they refused to seat me.

The Fox Sports Grill staff were extremely unprofessional. And who knew Fox Sports Grill was hoodrat central? The place was packed with loud, raucous thugs and I saw two hoodrats carrying small babies inside the bar area where drinks were being served. I had no idea that spot was so ghetto.

I'm told the Fox Sports Grill staff will accept bribes for a table. But when I offered the host (Michael) $100 to seat me at a table while I waited for my party, he acted like I insulted him, as if $100 wasn't enough. One of the hostesses even said, "I'll take that $100 and give you a table!"

Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station used to be a nice destination to go on a date. But now its overrun by hoodlums and hoodrats. I won't be back.

Convicted woman beater Chris Brown attended the Kriss Van Assche fashion show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 in Paris yesterday. He was rumored to be hosting a party in Miami this past Saturday. But since CB was still in Paris, it looks like the promoter simply used his name to pack his club.

Troubled rapper/producer Kanye West and his beard Amber Rose attended the Kriss Van Assche fashion show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 in Paris yesterday. Last week I spoke with someone close to Kanye's camp who confirmed that Amber and Kanye have a relationship of convenience. "They're not in love with each other," the source told me. But we already knew that. And, yes, Kanye and Amber are bi-sexual, but we already knew that too so don't act surprised.

Normally I don't care for Beyonce's personal style which consists of sequined dresses and hooker hand-me-downs. But I do LOVE her jacket! It's very tre chic! Beyonce and her husband Jay Z were spotted leaving the 'Hope for Haiti' benefit at the Hospital in Covent Gardens, London UK on Saturday (Jan. 22).

Later, they were spotted at the airport carrying oranges.

DJ Solange rocked the house at Mia Lounge in Miami where she was hosting Takeover Thursdays. "I’m really having a blast,” Knowles told NBC Miami's Niteside blog. Once inside the booth, told DJ Stevie J that “I got this” and promptly took over the turntables. No word on what she played. Shout out to loyal reader Gigi Griffin for the link!

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Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, NFL running back Reggie Bush, and his team the New Orleans Saints are gong to the Super Bowl in Miami for the first time in their franchise history as participants rather than spectators.

The Saints beat Brett Favre and the Minnesota Fumblers 31-28 with a winning field goal in sudden death overtime yesterday to take the NFC championship title.

No one outside of New Orleans gives the Saints any sort of chance of beating Peyton Manning and his Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 44 on Feb. 8 in Miami, but the Saints seem to have a ton of luck on their side.

Miami has hosted more Super Bowls (10 in total) than any other city in the U.S. If you're planning on going, be prepared for the intense security measures since the Super Bowl has been designated a National Special Security Event by the Secret Service and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

There are now only four teams in the NFL that have yet to make it to the Super Bowl.

Reports surfaced online this week that pop singer Rihanna's boyfriend, LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp, had a restraining order filed against him by an ex-girlfriend who said he abused and threatened her.

Kemp's agents wasted no time releasing a statement denying the allegations and portraying his accuser, Felicia Terrell, as a woman scorned who lied to obtain a restraining order against their client.

But according to, that's a lie:

David D. Diamond, Felisha Terrell's attorney, tells TMZ he's pissed off that Kemp's agent is now saying Terrell lied in her 2008 restraining order application against Kemp.

Diamond says his client never lied: "The temporary restraining order was granted because of an actual and real threat. The matter was quietly resolved until Mr. Kemp's agent began making false public statements."

And now there is evidence that Kemp might be a rapist as well.

According to the Oklahoman via

A 19-year-old woman filed a report with Columbus police on Sunday morning alleging Williams, 18, Alexander, 17, and Matthew Kemp, 17 forced her into sexual conduct at the Columbus Hyatt Hotel at about 2 a.m. Sunday morning while two other players watched... Read More...

It's obvious that Rihanna is damaged goods who only seeks out emotionally unavailable men like Kemp and Chris Brown who will eventually abuse her.

If these reports don't raise any doubts in Rihanna's mind then there really is no hope for her.

Thanks to loyal reader Nioka for the tip!

More damaging testimony from a former Songbook Entertainment artist who swears Trey Song is bisexual. As you know, Trey was signed to Songbook Entertainment as a new artist by local producer Troy Taylor, who is known around the industry as down low.

I was going to speak on the relationship between R&B singer Trey Song (he's no longer struggling since he's 'bout to go gold) and his longtime producer/mentor Taylor, but I was compelled not to after my conversation with a label exec.

She emphasized (several times) that Troy was like a "father figure" to Trey. So I didn't want to go there. But someone else took it there...

I’m a singer/rapper and former member of “Songbook Ent.” Trey Songz imprint, managed by Troy Taylor (He wrote “Holla When You Need Me” and many other of trey’s records). I was a part of Songbook ent. in 2006, around the time Trey had begun recording “Trey Day”. I recorded a few records at Songbook studios, at Troy Taylors house in a small city in Texas, and observed Troy and his relationship with Trey and Brandon Hines. Before I was even a part of Songbook, Troy asked me alot of weird questions about my future over the phone and even asked me about my sexual preference. I told him I’m straight and he said I need to be sure of that because this industry can make you do things you “wouldn’t normally do”. He asked the same bizarre questions to my producer, which struck us both as weird, as this was just an example of the odd things he would ask of us. Troy says he saw Brandon Hines in the audience at a show singing the words to all trey’s songs and from there, Brandon would end up living with Troy. When I recorded at Songbook studios, Brandon lived in Troys house. They had a very bizarre relationship. He told me of Brandon and Trey going to the movies together and continued to make me feel uncomfortable with the way he spoke of the relationship between the 3 of them. His wife was NEVER home when I came over, but Brandon was always there, he even came downstairs in a towel the first time I was introduced to him. Read More...

Despite all the label rep's denials, when so many people say the same thing, there's got to be something to it...

Actress and former First Lady LisaRaye was spotted strolling in Beverly Hills yesterday during a light drizzle. Remember, LisaRaye and I will sit down for another Exclusive chat next week when LisaRaye comes to town to host the Trumpet Awards. Prior to our sit-down, I'm taking questions from you guys to ask her during our interview. Not today though. So please don't post questions today.
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Lookin' sexy: Rihanna held it all together while making an appearance on Norwegian TV show 'Skavlan' today. Isn't she hawt?
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