U.S. President Barack Obama suffered a humiliating defeat last Tuesday when Massachusetts voters elected a Republican to a Senate seat that was held by the Democrats since the late 1960s.

It was a crushing blow to Obama's personal agenda to socialize America by passing sweeping healthcare reform, and at the same time one-up former president Bill Clinton who was unable to get the job done back in 1994.

During the campaign, Obama repeated his top priorities to withdraw from Iraq and fix the economy. He promised to move quickly and assured worried Americans that he understood their concerns about losing their jobs and homes due to the nation's financial mess.

"I want to ensure that we hit the ground running on Jan. 20 because we don't have a moment to lose," he said back in November.

But it was a different Obama who took office on Jan. 20. It was an arrogant Obama who quickly forgot the promises he made to the American people. His agenda was more important than saving jobs or fixing the economy.

And so for the past nine months, Mr. Obama remained doggedly determined to sign his $3 trillion healthcare reform bill into law despite the fact that his popularity was waning in the polls.

Narcissists like Obama have an annoying tendency to ignore reality if it conflicts with their inflated egos. This is why other socialist dictators like Hitler and Stalin failed so brilliantly.

Tomorrow, a thoroughly humiliated Obama will go before the nation and make more promises, such as a 3-year spending freeze that will ultimately result in even more job losses. What he won't be able to boast about are his many accomplishments since he has none.

In short, Mr Obama’s nightmare January could easily slip into a nightmare February. “Unless and until the president changes the way his White House, works, things are going to continue to go badly for him,” says the head of a Democratic think-tank. “Heads still have to roll.” Read More...

Which smooth R&B singer accompanied his boys to a local strip club last week but refused any attention from the strippers?

According to my spy, the singer and his entourage hit up Club Onyx last Wednesday night. My spy says the singer and another man sat quietly and watched while his boys frolicked with the amply endowed strippers in VIP.

The crooner, who recently secured a divorce from his psycho ex-wife, waved away strippers who attempted to approach him. One stripper approached the singer anyway, put her hand on his shoulder and tried to engage him in conversation. But the singer asked her to remove her hand and told her, "No thank you. I'm good."

Which prompts the question: why was he in a strip club in the first place?

The stripper told friends that when she put her hand on the singer's shoulder, the man sitting next to him glared at her disapprovingly. She said the guy looked at her as if to say, 'why are you touching my man?'

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Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs has quite an interesting history with females. He's pursued more women over the years than anyone can count. The ones who let him catch them -- and impregnate them -- are set for life unless he loses his fortune in a banking collapse or the worsening recession.

Sean's first baby mama, Misa Hylton, spoke to Power 105 radio jock Cherry Martinez about her relationship with Sean's other baby mamas, Kim Porter and Sarah Chapman. She's right about Sarah Chapman being the sweet levelheaded one. Sarah says Misa is sweet and she attended Justin's birthday party on Saturday with Chance who loves Justin to death.

Kim Porter used to be nice way back in the day. But now she's just a bitter old hag who feels she's entitled to treat people like dirt.

I'll never forget shooting an event for her for free back in 2007, and the next day she called me. I thought she was going to thank me. Instead, she ranted and raged because I didn't put the pictures up on my site quickly enough. My entire perception of her changed in that one phone call. That ghetto personality that she works so hard to conceal came out of her. The next time she tried to call me I refused to answer my phone.

Isn't it ironic that Kim and Sarah are about the same age but Sarah is aging beautifully while Kim isn't? That's because Kim has no inner peace and it shows.

“Sarah is really sweet but Sarah and Kim don’t get along. I get along with everyone. With both of them. Kim and I go back for years now. We were friends at one point. I was like “you wanted him, you got him now baby“. So she’s gotta go through all the bs I had to go through back in the day.

Sarah has been around as long as Kim, alot of people don’t know that. Puffy was cheating on me with both of them. This is over 15-16 years ago so we’ve all been around a long time. I joke around sometimes and say “They are like my sister-wives.” I try to keep everything good and we want Kim to accept Chance but she’s not ready yet . . . but I accepted Christian.

Misa on why she took Puff to court to increase her child support:

The money is relative to him. People say, “oh it doesn’t take that much”, you don’t know how much tuition is. You don’t know what the lifestyle is everyday. Our children (Thank God!!!) are able to have different extracurricular activities, they have tutors, they have programs that they are in. They have to have security which is very expensive on a weekly basis. There are alot of things that people don’t take in consideration that this money goes to. We don’t sit and get a check and throw it up in the air and say “yea what am I going to do with this today”.

Misa also goes on to say she thinks Puffy is still bitter and wants her (I doubt that):
Yes, he still is bitter. It’s like can I live. I have love for him and he’s my family and I’m going to always support him and have his back. But, when you can have everything sometimes and you can’t have that one little thing, you are not use to that. That’s so over. I’m not saying he’s actively trying to pursue me but I get a hard time sometimes. It’s like “what’s the problem”? You’d think I’d be the one acting like that. I stay out of your way.

What wasn’t going to happen to me before I went to court, is because I’m not with you or sleeping with you. Kim’s son is not going to get more than my son because of that. That was some bitchassness. Because if you could come and stay here and pop in and out when you wanted to then it wouldn’t be a problem. So you are not going to put me at a disadvantage because we are really broken up and I’ve moved on.

Lamar Odom kissed his wife Khloe Kardashian as she left for the White House yesterday where the LA Lakers met with U.S. President Obama. The Lakers won the NBA Championship last season and the wives and family headed to the White House before the players to meet them there.

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Loyal reader Shari J. Flynn took issue with the comments under this picture of Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in a post I wrote yesterday. I totally agree with her assessment that there is nothing wrong with Jennifer Hudson's body. The majority of you must be physically perfect with no flaws the way you talk about others. At some point you will all have cellulite and wrinkles if you live long enough. There is no avoiding it. You can laugh at the physical flaws of others today, but in the end Nature will have the last laugh on you.

I'm not saying you can't express your opinions, but the challenge is in finding a tactful way to do so.

Shari writes:

I think it is amazing that I read so much criticism and judgement about Jennifer Hudson's body in a swinsuit. So often I read comments on your site of how people want to see pictures of real women and how they are not represented and all of these women have fake plastic bodies, but when we see pictures of a real woman with curves and a little cellulite then it is a problem. Most women have cellulite... it is a genetic problem most of the time and has little to do with weight. This was never a small woman to begin with so to continue to analyze, criticize, and judge her body is a waste of time. She looks great even amazing. She is what most REAL women look like! It is about time we see something other than the plastic OR anorexic bodies that Hollywood is filled with!

Shari J. Flynn
Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2011

Thanks Shari!

Old school legends SWV hosted a party and performed at ESSO nightclub on Saturday (Jan. 22) and they look great!

On Saturday, I was in the Louis Vuitton store in Lenox mall trying to find a new bag to swap out for one of my backpacks. Normally, I would have my friend with me and she makes my decisions for me. But since she wasn't with me, it took a lot longer (about an hour and 20 minutes) for me to make up my mind.

In walks Shawty Lo's baby mama, E'Creia, who has a daughter with the rapper. After introducing herself, E'Creia proceeded to help me pick out a bag and a pair of shades. It took her less than two minutes to make the selections and I was very happy with her choices. I told her I wished she had come into the store about an hour and 20 minutes earlier.

We've all seen the pictures of E'Creia on the blogs. I told her that her pictures don't do her any justice at all. She is so petite and adorable in person! So we looked through the pics on her cell phone and found this picture to post on my blog so my readers could see how pretty she was.

Like Tiny, E'Creia is a ride or die chick who stands by her man and is loyal to him despite being harassed night and day by groupies trying to get with him.

Now we know why that 16 foot fence was erected around the bungalow at a rehab facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where Tiger Woods is spending six weeks receiving therapy for a supposed sex addiction problem.

According to RadarOnline.com (which gets most of its scoops from the National Enquirer since both are owned by the same media co.), the disgraced golfer's wife Elin Nordegren spent 5 days visiting him at the rehab facility.

Woods has reportedly spent over $100,000 renovating the bungalow and putting in a private pathway on the grounds of the Gentle Path rehab facility.

"The marriage is not over. They both want to save it," a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Elin returned to Windermere, Florida on Sunday. She left her children in the care of her nanny and her twin sister, which explains why her weight seems to be fluctuating in her photos.

Elin is obviously losing weight, most likely from stress. It seems that recent paparazzi photos taken of a smiling and seemingly content Elin out and about in Florida with the couple's children, were actually photos of her twin sister all along.

The couple's two children, Sam and Charlie, were cared for by nannies and Elin's twin sister, who was photographed with the children at Sea World last week.




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A wise man once said "The love of money is the root of all evil."

This party should have been themed "Wasteful Extravagance" rather than "Prince of NY". At a time when Haiti earthquake victims are still buried under rubble, one of the entertainment industry's most shameless narcissists, Sean "Diddy" Combs and his first baby mama, celebrity stylist Misa Hylton, threw an over-the-top 16th birthday party for their son Justin Dior Combs over the weekend.

Sean must have known how insensitive this frivolous brag-fest would look so he made a show of presenting Justin with a $10,000 check which he donated to the Haiti relief efforts. But we know that $10,000 was an afterthought because the party itself had to cost ten times that amount.


Justin arrived in a chauffeured Bentley with rapper Nicki Minaj as his date. After the party, Justin left the club in his own $360,000 chauffeur-driven Maybach -- which probably went back to the dealer the next day after being used as a prop like Sean uses his children.

The entire affair was filmed for MTV's Super Sweet 16. It's probably just as well that none of the big name stars who were invited bothered to show up. Who could compete with Sean's enormous ego?

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