Yesterday, I received a call from an industry exec who responded to me questioning the delayed sentencing of convicted rapper Lil Wayne. The exec asked something like, “What is Lil Wayne now, a Crip or a Blood? Why was he wearing blue into court?” Then he said he’d heard that Weezy is getting death threats and he added, “The Crips are waiting for him on the inside.”

Rumors have swirled for years about Lil Wayne’s gang affiliation. The prevailing belief is that Wayne is not a member of any set but he associates mainly with the Bloods.

It all makes sense if you recall this video that was shot in December 2008 showing Lil Wayne’s SUV surrounded by G Unit’s 40 Glocc and about 30 snarling LA Crips.

According to the exec I spoke with, Lil Wayne has reason to fear for his life since he’s been getting death threats from NY Crips: his affiliation with the Bloods is well known. In a lyric from his “A Millie Sold Remix”, Wayne raps, “yup I rep that beehive, red flag on my levis.”

No one is happy to be entering the prison system, but Lil Wayne looks scared sh*tless in these pics taken of him yesterday. He looks downright shook. Is it any surprise that his attorney asked for a delay so Weezy could get dental work in Florida? Weezy and his attorneys have known about his teeth problems since last year. They had since October to get his teeth fixed.

So there has to be another reason for the 3 week delay.

Rikers Island, where Lil Wayne will call home for the next 8 months, has an equal number of Crips and Bloods. But NY has seen more Crips migrating from the west coast. Is that why Lil Wayne wore blue to his hearing in December and again yesterday?