In this video, U.S. president Barack Obama begs his former Kool aid drinkers to come back into the fold.

For months now Obama has pretty much ignored his dismal approval ratings, which tanked to 29% today.

He will need every single one of you kool aid drinkers to go to the polls in November if he has any hopes of maintaining a strong Democratic foothold in Congress. Obama finally woke up and smelled the coffee. He now knows that the upcoming November elections is crucial to his socialist agenda.

  • ontaya brooks

    Auntie sometimes I just done understand you, either he damned if he do or dont. For you to dispise him so much, you are always posting something about him. Are you saying Bush did a better job, you never posted negative sh*t on him and I have been following you before Obama was elected.

  • ontaya brooks

    typo dont

  • DownSouthZeta

    The term Kool Aid drinkers sounds so racist! Believe me, he has not ignored his approval ratings, but what do you want him to do specifically? What are the solutions to the problems of the US?

    What would you say about what is going on in AZ? I'd rather a socialist, "spread the wealth agenda" than to be living where the rich continue to get richer and the middle class is being eliminated. But as long as you get yours, its all good, right?