Of course I’m kidding about Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock adopting Kimora’s baby Kenzo. But she did adopt this adorable little boy from New Orleans earlier this year.

Sandra Bullock and her now estranged husband Jesse James brought little Louis Bardo Bullock home in January and kept him a secret from the world until People mag got the exclusive this month.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to adopt a white baby in the US — and being a rich celebrity doesn’t speed up the process any. Even though Sandra’s adopted baby is black, it still took four years for the adoption paperwork to be finalized.

The adoption agency probably hadn’t heard the rumors about Sandra’s lying, cheating husband, Jesse James, being a Nazi-loving racist.

It kinda makes you wonder if Jesse and Sandra’s marriage cracked under the strain of having a black baby in the house? Little Louis is already starting out in life at a disadvantage: he’s being raised by a single mother with no black father figure around to show him how to be a real man.

And he’s already wearing beads and costume jewelry.