Congratulations to @Blackblondee10!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. I know some of you are disappointed that you didn’t win. I wish everyone could win.

But, hold on, you might still get your chance to win.

Blackblondee10 isn’t the official winner until she confirms that she is a member of this blog. (If she’s not a member then I will draw another winner’s name and it might be YOU!)

The official winner will then submit her shoes size to @TyreLaJuan and choose the shoes (valued at $2,500) that she wants him to customize from Evelyn Lozada’s fabulous high end shoe boutique at!

These are the fabulous pumps that Tyre designed for Evelyn Lozada using black crystals!

The following are examples of the types of designs that Tyre LaJuan can do.

DISCLAIMER: The following shoes were not designed by Tyre, they are just examples.

MORE EXAMPLES after the break!