Yesterday morning I received an unexpected phone call from V-103's morning man Frank Ski. As the co-host of Atlanta's top rated morning show, his voice should have been easily recognizable. But the background noise made it difficult to hear him. It sounded like he was standing in the middle of Peachtree street during rush hour traffic.

"You know I'm calling to laugh with you, right?," he began. "I saw that post that that lady wrote... on your page," he said, referring to this fanMAIL from loyal reader Barbie Jones.

In her email, "Barbie" called for Frank Ski to resign as co-host of the popular Frank & Wanda Morning Show because, she wrote, he is "too emotionally invested in the scandal that is the Bishop Eddie Long/New Birth Missionary Baptist Church lawsuit."

"He, Nina Brown, and everyone else are entitled to their opinion, but the “People’s Station” cannot be used for their biased lecturing," she wrote.

But Ski, who is a longtime member of Long's church, disagreed with Barbie's assertion that his morning show crew showed bias toward Long.

During our conversation Ski seemed self assured, but conflicted in his ongoing support and loyalty to Long.

"It's kinda hard to like explain to people what you mean, because sometimes you say [things] on the radio and people misunderstand what it was I said, you know?," said Ski.

The following are excerpts from the call:

With this Bishop Long thing, I just want you to know, because we're friends, that my whole thing with him was not supporting what he did -- if he did anything -- because I really don't know. It wasn't even about what he did. And what I tried to explain to people was, I said I had 2 trains of thought. The first train of thought was that, as a Christian person, you know, I still have faith in God. I don't put my faith in nobody, you know what I'm saying? So, like, my faith is not in... my faith is not in Bishop Long. That's not where my faith is. My faith is in God. And it just so happens that he was, you know, the preacher at the church. And the second thing was when I told people that I was loyal what I'm trying to tell people is, 'I'm your friend.' So, the bottom line is, to give you an example, if somebody said, 'well, you're friends with Sandra Rose.' And I say, 'Yeah, I'm friends with Sandra Rose.' 'Well, you know Sandra shot somebody.' I'd be like, 'damn. Okay.' And the news comes out, and I'd be like, 'well, Sandra's my friend.' You know, I'ma support her through this process while she goes to court. I'ma support her, you know what I'm saying? She gets convicted and goes to jail. Then I'ma be the negro going to jail to visit her. Because that's my friend, you know what I mean? And at the end, I will tell her. I'ma be like, Sandra, you know shooting somebody wasn't good. You're still my friend, but you can't be doing that, you know what I mean?

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I pointed out the fact that some people questioned why he couldn't bring himself to read live, on the air, the charges contained in the lawsuit brought against Long by two men.

Well, that's why I didn't read the comments because I wanted to make sure that the comments were read correctly and without bias and without any feeling. Let me tell you something: at the end of the day I'm not feeling bad for Bishop Long. He can handle that. What I'm feeling bad for is his family. What I'm feeling bad for are his kids, you know what I mean? What I'm feeling bad for is the people in his church. The people who are embarrassed now. I'm feeling bad for the people who, for the longest damn time would always fight with people about the fact that he was a good person. And now people are saying 'see, see, I told you, I told you.' So I'm feeling bad for people. That's where my emotions and stress is, is in that. Because at the end of the day, he can handle his own thing. That's what the misinterpretation is. When we say what we have to say on the radio, you know, people always hear what they want to hear.

On the criticism directed toward the Frank & Wanda Morning show for being controversial:

I think what has made [co-host] Wanda [Smith] and Frank so popular is that we're real! We don't sugar coat sh*t and hide sh*t and whatever. And we live behind the things we say, and guess what, we've made mistakes -- I make mistakes. I'ma continue to make mistakes. I'ma continue to say some wrong sh*t. Wanda's gonna continue to make a joke that's gonna offend people. And it's gonna be what it is. And I think people accept us 'cause they know we're real and we're human, you know? And there are people who have come forward and said, 'you know, I appreciate the things that you said' or whatever. And then there are other people out there who you know like I know don't like the man. They don't like Bishop Long. They never did. And they've taken this thing and it's given them fuel. And they didn't like him to begin with. So they're not looking at the way the case is coming down. They're not looking at the fact that the damn pictures that was posted, one of the pictures is only a couple of months old, so he wasn't even dealing with the boys no more. You know what I'm saying? 'Cause he took the damn picture with an iPhone that came out damn 3 months ago! You know what I'm saying? But nobody is questioning that! They're just looking at what he's wearing in this picture. You understand what I'm saying? But nobody is, like, okay, you know, B.J., where you get this picture from? I mean, there's so many things. But that's not our job to point that sh*t out. We only hope that people can make a judgment for themselves and make an educated judgment. But we never want people to misunderstand what we're saying. And all I'm saying is, I don't want you to misunderstand where Frank & Wanda are coming from.

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  • lovezoe

    Here come the he an illunanti because of the way his hands are placed. Whether you like it or not people, EVERYONE is biased about something. If we all stepped down from our job because we were biased, the unemployment rate would be at 100%

  • LaTechGrad02

    Yawn...he couldn't have just said that I'm entitled to my own opinion.... :shrug:

  • Ebony

    Frank if you lr reading this why is Elle the 3rd wheel on the morning show? She is very annoying and sometimes it sounds like she has tourettes syndrome.

  • Bri

    Waaay to long to read. One question tho, do Frank and Bishop Eddie Longstroke use the same lacefront toupee supplier? The curls have just the right curves....I kid, I

  • Lizzyb

    And he is concerned for everyone not knowing what is true or not, whether the Bishop or the young men are lying, except the boys.. he doesn't say something like.. "IF this is true, these young men have been abused and that is wrong". No care for our youth is shown, yes I know of his organization, got it. We lose our young black men for so many reasons, losing them to this type of abuse is just one more thing. I am waiting for the facts to all come out but Frank ski, you did not do yourself well with that call to Sandra, your bias is so huge you can't see around it. You need to pray, my brotha for guidance on this one. I know you won't shut up about it but truly you need to speak with some forethought.
    Scandals such as these have fallout all around them, people will remember your blind embrace before all the facts are out.

  • pointhimout

    church is gone be packed tomorrow. rumor has it EL will step down. I doubt it cuz there's too much money he'd be leaving on the table.

    i get what Frank's saying. His loyalty is to his friend. He doesn't support any wrongdoings, allegedly. He supports his friend as he goes thru what he's going thru. I get exactly what he's saying. I didn't hear his convo on the air, but I know 103 hosts have a history of being biased when its someone they like or have personal relationships.

  • nevesnanna

    I wonder what his feelings would be if it was HIS son or WANDA's son or his BROTHER .... or if HIS friend SANDRAROSE shot HIS son or brother, would he still be that good Christian by being the "friend?"

    And did you forget to include the part about feeling bad for the boys who are making the allegations, whether they are true or not, the bottom line is...whether they were abused or not, they still need the concern.

    As a radio personality, you are to remain neutral. PERIOD. If you can't keep your emotions out of it, don't report it.

  • M_promp2

    I feel what he's saying, but at the same time you must not surround yourself with that sort of thing. This is prime example of why he's left to explain the situation away.

    It's a sad situation because he wants to remain a loyal friend, but it's doing harm to his reputation. That's how things are. If these allegations are true, Long will alienate himself from a lot of people.

  • Carrington

    What I want to know is... how many people who have an issue with Eddie Long being a man who used his "influence" to get 16 year old BOYS who SHOULD have known better, to agree to these f*cktations in the first place, are many of the same people who defended R. Kelly's a$$ when he was on VIDEO violating a 13 year old GIRL???

    Is this about the church, the pastor, sexual deviance, or HOMOSEXUALITY?

    If you looked at R. Kelly's video and searched for a reason to make the "victim" the problem while excusing Kelly... why are you looking at these to dudes and making THEM victims, while making Long a pedophile?


    As pastor of a baptist church, their committee is SUPPOSE to ask him to step down while the cases are going on. That gives them time to handle their business in private and whatever the outcome, it will not effect the church directly when the verdict is reached.


    @Carrington-Its about MONEY, POWER and HOMOSEXUALITY!!!

  • Carrington

    Maybe it's just me, but if my best friend in the whole world did some foul $hit like this - I can't support you, bro. Sorry, we had some good times... but you're obviously not who I believe you to be, which means out entire relationship is based upon a lie.

    No thanks, I'm kewl. Don't call me... I'll call you. (or not)

  • Nhere

    :/ and the conversation ended with Sandra saying Ski, lose my number.

  • ATLs Finest

    Its almost as if Frank Ski just doesn't get it. It's cool to have a certain amount of loyalty to your friend, but I will not uphold any friend in any wrongdoing of this magnitude, any crime against children-and yes teenagers are still considered children- is DEAD AZZ WRONG! The crazy thing about is that Frank and V103 supported R. Kelly during his fiasco as well and it bothers me that they can so easily overlook the wrongdoing depending on the perpertrator cus they certainly didn't support Chris Brown.
    @LoveZoe, yes you are correct with the hand signs, that's one reason why he supports EL because they are all apart of these "societies" together and extreme loyalty is part of their M.O. along with secrecy to prove your dedication to your "brothers". That's why the ritual and ceremonies took place and also why the 4th accuser was told how he should live life by becoming a pastor, having no girlfriend, etc. Had he followed the rules and played the game, he would be "set for life" and in a position to bring another unwilling participant into this cult.

  • ATLs Finest

    BTW, I know this is Redeemed's forte but if anyone google "Masonic Handsigns" under Google Images, hundreds of pictures of different politicians from Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth,actors, musicians,etc will be there flashing the same hand sign. A little research and it's all right before our eyes. I'm not saying it means anything, but there has to be something to it, it even shows different handshakes and their meanings and you can see pics of Jay-Z, Kanye and Nas doing the exact same handshake..check it out.

  • leat

    @ Carrington :cheers: luv ur website!! i really LOVE that sunshine anderson song :clap: i havent heard it, ill have to text the TJMS monday morning and request it!!!Loved her last album, hope this one does well!!!

  • leat

    ok.....i need to change this avatar :shrug:

  • nia


    The truth is ... he can't publicly go against him because if the stroy is not true then he will be crucified. Personally, I would never support someone who has done wrong, and there are too many people with the same story for it not to be true. I'm just saying...

  • MissGauzzz

    :blink: WTF was that crock of bull!!! he shoulda left well enough alone because he did not do BEL any favors calling sandra with this mess! talkin' in riddles! he sounds like he knows that nicca did this shyt but he gon' be a ride-or-die nicca! it's whatever...i love my BFF to no end, but if she even THINKS about doing some type of mess (allegedly) like this, i'm chucking her azz the deuces!

    :no: oh GEEZUS...i just scrolled back up and looked at how he's holding his hands...Redeemed is gonna go in and under!!!!!

  • nia

    :claps: :claps: :claps: Miss Gauzzz

  • ELove

    Only an IDIOT & FOOL would publicly support THIS Gay Pervert...

    YOU (Eddie Long) willingly chose to make yourself a Very Wealthy-n-Public Figure solely based on YOUR FRAUDULENT IMAGE of being a Family Oriented & Spiritually Driven individual that's MARRIED w/ KIDS but in REALITY LUVS Chasing-n-Sticking Young MALE BOOTY !!! :nono:

    But Hey, If Frank enjoys these type of associations MORE POWER TO HIM :yes:

  • pointhimout

    I wonder how this will affect EL's affiliation/membership with the dekalb chapter of 100 black men. A good core of their work is catered to the youth. I wonder if any allegations will come from kids on that end also.

  • KrayZKat

    Isn't being a TRUE FRIEND one that will be honest with their friends and get in their behind if they are doing wrong? To me, overlooking a friend's illegal or dangerous-to-themselves or others activity is not being a friend - it's being an enabler. If a friend is wrong, they're wrong. I want to have people around me who will be honest with me, even if it hurts. That's my definition of a true friend because I know they have my best interest at heart.

  • attorneymom

    Frank Ski allegedly said, "They’re not looking at the fact that the damn pictures that was posted, one of the pictures is only a couple of months old, so he wasn’t even dealing with the boys no more."

    Is he corroborating the plaintiffs' allegations against Bishop Eddie Long? Blank stare.

  • MissGauzzz

    @attorneymom... see that's what i'm talkin' about! it sounds like he knew some bullshyt was jumpin' off! he needs to go on youe sitchoazz down list! :no: this clown takes the cake! Blank stare is right!

  • mzvirgo78

    KrayZKat says:

    Isn’t being a TRUE FRIEND one that will be honest with their friends and get in their behind if they are doing wrong? To me, overlooking a friend’s illegal or dangerous-to-themselves or others activity is not being a friend – it’s being an enabler. If a friend is wrong, they’re wrong. I want to have people around me who will be honest with me, even if it hurts. That’s my definition of a true friend because I know they have my best interest at heart.


  • ShoYaRight

    He's an idiot.

  • SuthernBelle4

    Something is not right in the tea :nono:
    This talking in riddles is making me give Frank Ski the sideye

  • Daisy

    I didn't see where he said he supported the actions that Bishop Long is accused of. Just like Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. I supported Chris Brown but NOT his actions or DV #justsaying. I am not even a frank ski fan if u will but I get what he is saying. Then again I am a leo and we tend to be loyal to a fault at times :shrug:

  • Ms. Everything

    I don't live in Atlanta and have never heard the show BUT he is a radio personality not a journalist, cop, attorney, judge or juror and he is entitled to give and speak his opinion. Its his show and his choice. It sounds to me like he knows Eddie is guilty but is choosing to refrain from dragging him due to his personal relationship to the man, his family and his church and I can understand that. But even if I didn't it wouldn't matter cause its his show. If he didn't address it on his show at all that would be an even bigger problem. Biased entertainment personalities is nothing new. I mean, from what I can tell Eddie has a lot of friends in high places and probably has money in no telling how many different ventures where if he gets off and decides to pull funds, support or whatever from those dragging him there will be problems. Frank could be looking out for his own ass. Or maybe Eddie has similar dirt on him and he doesn't want to jeopardize his own self. You never know. So I don't see the purpose of going after Frank and others who are playing it safe on air and not publicly joining the dragging :shrugs: this convo with Sandra clearly shows his opinion on his innocence or guilt and who knows what's been said in private

    @JJ :cosign: the church Executive board has a duty and requirement to force him to step down and deal with this. He can not properly serve the church while this is in the media and over his head. And if they don't and he is convicted the entire church will really fall and not recover. It also shows that this church was not running with the right foundation and really did have this man elevated like he was God when he was not

  • Run

    frank get a grip, u might be next......a lot of DL stuff about to hit the fan.... adultry toooo FRANK SKI.. you know what I mean... I'm just saying

  • SRR71

    Preach Daisy..I agree with you..

    @ pointhimout: I just left the TSU/FAMU game and his Club Level Suit was still packed..I was shocked that bad boy was not covered up and shut (for renovations...LOL)

  • MissGauzzz

    @Ms. Everything.. you are correct in the fact that he has a right to an opinion...but he called sandra and basically made a statement that sounded like he knew this dude was sexing these young men. talkin' about "he wasn't even dealing with the boys no more.." that statement right there shouldn't have been uttered considering this man is in legal trouble up to his eyeballs. :shrugs: what was the point of him going there? if he wants to support BEL then support him and let that be that. i just think he didn't do BEL or himself any favors by runnin' off at the mouth. when stuff is as messy as this it's sometimes best to shut up and sit down and let it play out the way it's gonna play out. these "personalities" feel they have to respond to every criticism that's said about them or an affiliate and they only make themselves look worse. that's my opinion...


    Ms. Everything says: "Frank could be looking out for his own ass. Or maybe Eddie has similar dirt on him and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his own self. You never know." :clap:


  • Ms. Everything

    Ms. Gauzz I agree with that completely. He should've kept his mouth shut BUT I don't think it should've ever been an issue. Now he's trying to straddle both sides and is putting his foot in his mouth but saying it on here vs on air is two different things. Although.. the quote you gave about the 3m thing I took as the boys were out the church, no longer working there or like that..not dealing on a personal level

  • Run

    for all of y'all that say he need to step down, there is a difference in how this organazation works, 1st the people cannot tell him to step down for they have no right to the church, that church belongs to eddie long and new birth belongs to eddie long, not the people, that's why all these mega churches do what they do, cause they own their church, they run them different from a pastor that just pastor a church, and the church is ran by all the members, when was the last time you seen a mega church, telling it's members what was gathered today at offering, or when the last time you seen a member having to go thru legal paper work to borrow money from that church,.. they don't need to take salary's ,hell they own everything. whatever the folks pay in thithes it goes to's all about how u set up your corporation, u can members but that is it, that is eddie stuff...

  • SuthernBelle4

    @ Ms. Gauzz and Ms. Everything I co-sign everything you said. Its not about his friendship with Eddie, its about him looking sketch and making Eddie look sketch in the process. All he had to do was say that I have no comment and not speak on the matter. I am pretty sure people know that this is his friend so he could have just kept it moving, but I am still giving him the sideye because that convo with Sandra sounds like he knows something which is scary if he knew about it

  • MissGauzzz

    @Ms. Everything... "I took as the boys were out the church, no longer working there or like that..not dealing on a personal level"

    now see you gleaned your own interpretation of that statement; however, a balls to the walls lawyer like those young men have hired would read that entirely different. i took it to mean he wasn't dealing with them anymore on a PERSONAL level. that's why loose lips sink ships. EL's lawyer needs to put his "inner-circle" on notice...and tell them to shut the hell up before they azzes get subpoenaed on a humble! no man knows another mans thoughts/deeds BUT GOD! EL don't need frank ski to speak on anything concerning this IN A PUBLIC FORUM! i feel sorry for them all! :no:

  • Ms. Everything

    Very true Miss Gauzz.. there's a reason I didn't go to law school and instead majored in journalism/communications lol

    Run, I've never seen any church disclose offering amounts but I can't fathom joining a church that did not have a governing body in place that can override the "leader' or pastor.. so many people join churches (and other organizations) blindly follow, don't read bylaws (all churches have them), mission statements, attend business meetings, elections of leaders and when the shyt hits the fan their wailing, sobbing and asking why, ready to sue for fraud and talk about how betrayed they are. For some reason your last comment disturbed me just as much as the allegations. I'm disgusted by preventable ignorance... something struck me today watching cnn and I have a gut feeling that the feds are gonna use this to bring down this and other churches like it along with impose regulations restricting contributions and disclosure which is good for the crooked ones who deserve to be caught while bad for those many honest churches that shouldn't have the government breathing down their necks.. I'm just waiting for the task force on illicit church behavior to be announced smdh and this one will be successful unlike the Senate inquiry that Eddie, Creflo and all but two basically ignored

  • Redeemed777

    Body Language.
    He’s GUILTY.
    But of course, he still has his Zombie followers.
    But they will find out the hard way.

    They will be like the folks described here:
    MANY ( MANY ) will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
    Matthew 7: 22&23

  • pointhimout

    redeemed i'm with you. he's guilty. i was looking for a simple not true, the allegations are bogus, i did not commit these "civil" crimes. he just said 'i'm not the person they are portraying.' since when; the first allegation or as of this morning? gtfoh. he still aint address shit. alright time to drop the sex tape.

  • Redeemed777

    And that church logo he wears everywhere is a satanic emblem.

  • pointhimout

    lol. Ann, is that you? lolol. satanic symbol?

  • MissGauzzz

    @point... :no: i have to agree with you... Lord it don't look good he didn't deny the charges at all. he said his lawyer told him not to say anything which i totally understand but i'm not feelin' good about this. that's why i was so disturbed by frank ski's comments to sandra. there are a lot of folks in the penitentiary right now because somebody got outta pocket and proffered an opinion!

    @Redeemed... ain't nothing i can say! people clown you but i say :preach:
    one thing about you, you stay consistent in your beliefs...i aint mad.

  • Redeemed777


    I just truly don't want innocent people to be deceived by these wolves in pastors clothing.

  • Marinemomma

    **Off the topic** I really appreciate a refreshing "intelligent" exchange of opinions, which is free of name calling and "side-taking" that is so common during the course of the week (although it is very entertaining); I am a lurker for almost a year and half, cause frankly some of "Auntie Sandra's" fans will go in hard on an opinion that does not conform to the masses and it is too frustrating to e-argue with someone for days because I may think or interpet differently--thanks again. **back to lurk mode."

  • ggouch

    first...Thank you FrankSki for that PROFANITY LACED christian speech....but it's ok.....BEL said No one is perfect........speaking of.......I was so disappointed in the addressing of BEL's NB members. I sat here wondering did I miss something....cursing out my dude...thinking he hadn't turned quick enough and that we had only caught the end!!! NO that is not what happened. He didn't say anything that he couldn't have said 3 days ago. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. I would have prefered to hear I DIDNT DO THIS!!! I AM NOT THIS PERSON!!!!! I AM NOT A MONSTER!!!! Not the words I AM NOT A PERFECT MAN!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't want to say I am wavering...but the ferocity and passion in defence of Bishop has dipped a bit........ I wanted more....I needed to hear the words... I DIDNT do This...... It made me feel that he couldn't speak those words...because he didn't want to add lying to his church to the list of exposed sins. SO DISAPPOINTED that I am up ranting on SANDRAROSE

  • Redeemed777

    The way his congregation takes up for him is very dangerous. He will lead them on to take that Microchip.

    This Eddie Long situation is gonna be the playback on judgment day for those zombies...

    The playback will serve as proof that Christ was trying to tell you back then ( in life ) that Eddie was a false prophet.

    But did you listen?
    Instead you stayed in that God forsaken church clapping, singing and defending him with your life and money.

  • attorneymom

    *waving* @Redeemed777

  • MissGauzzz

    @gg... girl i understand your disappointment! i went to early service this morning at my church so i didn't miss the broadcast on CNN. i don't live in GA nor do i go to a megachurch here in virginia but i watched bishop long's service via TBN on sunday nights and always got a lot out of his sermons.

    just pleaasseeee be careful defending this man is all i want for you and his other followers. it's cool to be loyal and all but there's also discernment. no he's not perfect, no one is but something ain't right! :no: i'm not feelin' it! did you look in his eyes when he was speaking? he looked like he was sedated to me. i don't care what his MOUTH said he looked shook and he should be! this is awful! :no: there are no winners. whatever the outcome i don't think it'll be the end of him. the african american community is a very forgiving community and he will bounce back but at what cost?! keep your head up baby girl!

  • Redeemed777


    Waving back at you!!! :)

  • attorneymom

    Bishop Eddie Long said: "I am not going to try this case in the media, it will be tried in the court of justice and decided in the court of justice. Please hear this: I’ve been accused. I’m under attack. I want you to know as I said earlier I am not a perfect man. ... But this thing I’m going to fight. I feel like David against Goliath, but I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet."

  • attorneymom

    Character Corner Radio in partnership with Pink Cotton Entertainment presents: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE Part II: REACTION TO BISHOP EDDIE LONG'S PUBLIC ADDRESS OF SEX SCANDAL

    Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010
    Time: 7:30 PM (EST)
    Place: Blogtalkradio
    Call-in Number: (347) 989-0587
    Click here to listen to the show and participate in the chatroom.

    We will discuss reactions to Bishop Eddie Long's public address of sexual misconduct allegations against him brought by former members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

  • MissGauzzz

    @attorneymom... did you see how his congregation erupted in applause at his statements... those new birth members go hard for that man. that's why my spirit is so grieved if these allegations turn out to be true! it's gon' be a lot of hurt folks! :no: the CNN commentator made a statement and said that bishop long is enjoying this attention. he said when he made the comment.."i didn't know we were so important to get this much attention." they were giving him the side-eye. hell i was giving him the side eye at that comment! my YT co-workers know who he is. this man has a long reach! my co-workers were riveted to the TV all this past week in my office! one of them watch his ministry too!

  • attorneymom

    @MissGauzzz The members of New Birth are in a hard place right now. They don't know who to believe right now.

    My prayers are with each and every member.

  • MissGauzzz

    @attorneymom... yeah i know, girl! i know! i can only imagine! so sad! :sad: :no: thanks for sharing the info for the chat you're hosting this evening. if time permits, i will probably engage with ya'll! i love to have intelligent dialogue about issues and things.

  • Redeemed777

    ....and I am highly disappointed to know that Frank Ski is also pledging his allegiance to baphomet in the picture above.

    To Frank Ski: You do not believe in Christ, and neither do you love Christ, because you are apart of the satanic network.

    Your outwardly appearance is the " Inspirational Vitamin " but inside of you ( behind the scenes ) you are accepting the gifts of satan. SMH.

    I told someone yesterday, that the three main people you ' love ' are

    1. Eddie Long the false Prophet
    2. P. Diddy the devil's advocate
    3. Usher ( who was mentored by # 2 ) the undercover brother.

    They form a perfect triangle if you ask me.

  • texarican mamacita


    w w w.businessweek. com /magazine/content/10_39/b4196045902582.htm (remove spaces)

    I thought of you when I received my Bloomberg Businessweek magazine and the above article. I will admit that sometimes I find some of your postings outlandish; however, there is no denying that sometimes the coincidence in what you speak and the real everyday events are hard to ignore.

  • Ms. Everything

    Smh @ his speech. I can't comprehend just blindly following a MAN. He's not God, he's not infallible and he basically admitted fault by saying he isn't perfect. Of course none of us are but if I'm accused of something I.did not do every word out my mouth will be I did not do it. A person from my old church said it best she's not praying for him she's praying for the souls that will be lost because of this and the impact it will have on churches and believers worldwide... i watched the young members on cnn last night and looking in their eyes you could see that they were in shock at the evidence being presented, they had no way to explain it yet still offered blind support. Smh at all this

  • SoBlessed

    I understand standing behind ur pastor but what the hell do these people have blinders on! There has to be truth in these young man stories none of them have come out & said they gay so what young man would bring up such false allegations it just doesn't make since & that alone makes me think there is truth in these men's statement. As for his statement about him not being perfect duh nobody on this earth is. I put my trust in no man I'll my trust goes into God cause I know he will not lead me wrong. But I don't understand if he so innocent we not say I have not done any of things I am accused of but instead he says I am not perfect I smell bullshyt. One thing u don't do is play with God. There r so many questions & no answers. One last thing I read some where he has a $300,000 car I am sorry that right there don't sit right with me when he know half of his congregation is more than likely struggling.

  • MissGauzzz

    @Ms. Everything.. Girl I know!!!!! I don't blindly follow nobody but JESUS!!!! I hear what you're saying..if I was accused of some crap like this I would be shoutin' from every media forum I could get to that I didn't do it!!!! Wouldn't nobody be able to shut me up! :no: That's why I'm worried about the outcome. I know I probably shouldn't care but I do. I am concerned about his members and those who are waffling back and forth about their walk with Christ and/or if they should fellowship with a church entity at all! So much is at stake! It's not just about Bishop Long anymore... Like I said, this dude has a long reach!! And for him to sit there and say he didn't know they were that important, that's bull!!! He cannot be serious! :blink:

  • ggouch

    MissGauzzz I am not a member of his church. though it is the one church ive attended since returning to atl. i know members of his church and it is for those people I am broken hearted. Though I believe their relationship with God is verticle and not via The Man, i am still concerned for all the members.
    I was hoping for the simple words: I DID NOT DO THIS. The words I am HUMAN and I am not PERFECT are not withstanding here.

  • KrayZKat

    As others have stated, the sad part to me is that so many people look solely to man instead of knowing the Word of God for themselves. If you know, study, and rely on God to teach you, you will spot a charlatan a mile away by their FRUITS. If what a pastor, teacher, preacher says doesn't line up with the Word of God, question it.

    For the Christians out there, the Bible talks about the anti-Christ who will come and deceive MANY. We are truly in those days, and if Christians are barely escaping deception, what about those outside the faith?

  • SoBlessed

    :cosign: MissGauzzz comment #61. I'm sorry but most men that consider their self straight wouldn't make up these kind of lies period its damaging their lives as far as females are concern they will never get ussy again.

  • ggouch

    lean not upon thine own understanding.... it says in the bible. Many people are saying have faith in God and not in the a person who is not big on organized religion I must ask...then why go to church, why not sit in your quite place and have your on conversation with God and let that be it? Why are their shepperds, why are their pastors.....if you are not supposed to protect, edify and dare I say it...have faith in part in the man representing himself as one of Gods chosen.

  • ggouch

    forgive the typos.....WOW on my damn self... "THERE" not THEIR"

  • KrayZKat

    @ggouch - I believe that God called preachers, teachers, pastors, and evangelists to teach His word. The Apostle Paul warned about being aware of false prophets. There is nothing wrong with going to church and/or listening to the teachings of God's word. I think my problem is that we have to be discerning (I think someone up top mentioned that). If someone is teaching the Word and they are going against the very Bible they are teaching, therein lies the problem. Do you remember the story of Jim Jones?

    Many in BEL's congregation look like zombies to me. I'm sure they are in shock, but...I truly believe that if people elevate man more than God, God will bring them down. JMO.

  • KrayZKat

    Oh, btw, ggouch - it's really hard to have faith in MAN when man because they will let you down every time because they aren't perfect. That's why having faith in God, and God alone is what I believe in.

  • ggouch

    Yes...jim jones was sad sad story...and everytime I see the documentary about that...i ask could somebody be so naive. But today...I understand how you can get swallowed up in seeing the man as something more..than just MAN.

    I don't know SR fam. I am sad today....I really wanted him to speak those simple words. ....and not that I matter...but it would have made me feel better. WHY couldn't he say simply: I DID NOT DO THIS. He couldn't even look at his members..he kept his eyes down. WHY did he not look directly into that camera and say I DID NOT DO THIS...David stood Toe to Toe with Goliath didn't he? TOE to TOE. SAD SAD RAINY DAY SUNDAY.....I'm going back to bed.

  • KrayZKat

    @ggouch, this is an extremely sad situation. Even though people joke about it, this incident has affected so many lives. The sorrow, disappointment, and let down must be tremendous. I feel for you and those affected by this, especially his wife and children. I can't even imagine the embarrassment. It's heartbreaking.

    I'm thinking he didn't say, "I didn't do it" because he actually did what he is accused of. Too many things point to his guilt. You said he couldn't even look the congregation in their eyes. That says a lot to me.

    Yes, David sure did stand toe-to-toe with Goliath because, I believe, David had confidence that God was behind him, but even though David was a man after God's own heart, he eventually fell too.

    I think the Jim Jones situation can happen because people take their eyes off God and place them on man. That's a dangerous place to go. JMO and thought.

  • Ms. Everything

    Miss Gauzz exactly and GG I'm nowhere near Atlanta and I know people who go to his church and/or follow his sermons and they used to be very vocal but since this happened they've been silent which is sad to me. I went to church today and the minister didn't reference Eddie directly he preached on the importance of knowing Gods Word for yourself so that you can see through darkness. I've said it so many times that if what someone is preaching doesn't match up with what is in my bible I'm running

  • Ms. Everything

    GG a Christian who doesn't fellowship with other believers is more prone to temptation and falling plus the Bible says where two or more are gathered in HIS name He will be there so church is necessary along with pastors who are basically teachers. They have an important purpose but some allow their position go to their heads become side tracked by money and power and fall short. That's why you support your pastor but don't elevate them to Godlike positions in your life. I think because people can't physically see God they start to see these pastors as God in the flesh. But one thing I learned from a pastor btw is that ALWAYS take YOUR bible to church. And when they start throwing out verses, look them up to make sure they correspond with what is being preached and are in the correct context, go home and read more in depth and if anything does not match up do not stay there. I can't count how many people I see in church without a bible, nodding their heads, clapping and praising with no idea what's really going on, its crazy and many of them will sadly be led astray. Everything a Christian needs to live, discern good from bad, determine if someone is a false profit and to be saved is in the Bible so there really is no excuse. Also he used to say the business of the church is the business of its members. He almost forced us to attend business and executive meetings and participate in church elections because that's how you know what your church leadership is doing with church money. Read the church bylaws and look at the structure given by the governing board of your denomination, if it doesn't match up (like Run said is the case with this church) that's another red flag to look for. I :cosign: with what Krazy said also just adding on to how you can discern you are in the right place and pray on it. Ask God to show you where you should be and He will

  • Ms. Everything

    Smh at myself profit = prophet

  • lexdiamonz

    Carrington says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but if my best friend in the whole world did some foul $hit like this – I can’t support you, bro. Sorry, we had some good times… but you’re obviously not who I believe you to be, which means out entire relationship is based upon a lie.

    No thanks, I’m kewl. Don’t call me… I’ll call you. (or not)


    and i am sorry this dude out of respect for his congregation should step down until this mess blows over instead of subjecting his church to a MEDIA CIRCUS... but no he needs his ego stroked .....and frank ski needs to sit down he looks like he was "sitting" in on some of the meetings his damn self...... if this is true his inner circle probably covered for him u know how niccas be looking out for their "boys" and i am sorry NOT ONCE has the "bishop" denied the allegations if they were not true and he was not worried one IOTA he should be denouncing the allegations from the rooftop