The Internet is buzzing about Nick Cannon’s dramatic meltdown on yesterday.

Apparently, Cannon became unhinged when fellow comedian Chelsea Handler injured his ego by tweeting this:

I just heard nick cannon is starting a comedy tour. Who’s going to do the comedy?

Cannon, who was performing a stand-up comedy routine at the time, left the stage and took to his Twitter page to launch an astonishing attack against Handler.

His angry, over-the-top responses (he wrote 15 tweets to Chelsea’s 1) was shockingly misogynistic, sexist, and some might even say, racist.

Here are a few examples:

Everyone knows @Chelseahandler had sex with the head of E! for her show. So when its canceled does he get residual pussy for the reruns?

Just talked to @50cent He said he made @chelseahandler get G-Unit tattooed on her balls!

@50cent wasn’t hitting @chelseahandler they was just sharing testosterone tips

Why do all these angry ugly whitetrash folks want beef with me?

Narcissistic Rage (also known as “blind rage”) is described as a sudden, explosive verbal or violent response to a frustrating situation that ceases only when the person is able to express their rage.

The difference between narcissistic rage and anger is that healthy people feel angry whereas narcissists do not. A healthy person will say “I feel angry.”

A quick test to see if you’re dealing with a narcissist is to ask him what he’s feeling.

He won’t be able to answer you effectively because narcissists have trouble expressing their feelings verbally.

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Since they have no personality, narcissists need the attention of others to boost their self-esteem, and to make them feel good about themselves.

Any perceived criticism or rejection (no matter how slight) is considered a devastating threat to a narcissist’s ego since they lack the ability to feel.

Narcissists believe they are perfect individuals. They always seek the limelight or positions of power because they want people to fear and respect them.

Narcissistic Rage can be expressed in 2 ways: (1) a primitive, explosive reaction to the slightest insult, or (2) passive aggressive behavior by which they punish you by giving you the silent treatment.

In either case, their unchecked rage — or prolonged silence — gives the impression that they are mentally unbalanced. They are very difficult to reason with.

It is possible for narcissist rage to be treated, but only when the narcissist is older (and not as beautiful or handsome), and only if they realize that they have a problem.

By definition, narcissists believe they are perfect individuals. Therefore, very few of them will ever admit that they have a problem, and/or seek treatment.

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