According to My Fox NY, the mother of the precious little girl featured in a controversial anti-abortion ad campaign wants her daughter’s image removed from the billboard ASAP.

Tricia Fraser, who wanted to draw attention to her 6-year-old daughter Anissa Fraser by signing her up for a career in modeling, is now bothered by that attention.

“I would never endorse something like that,” said Fraser. “Especially with my child’s image.”

Two years ago, Fraser signed up with a modeling agency to have all four of her children photographed.

“I know what I went into that shoot for,” Fraser says. “And that’s not what I agreed to. I want them to take it down.”

When she signed a release form, Fraser knew the photos could be sold as stock images but never thought her daughter would become the face of a pro-life campaign focusing on African Americans.

“This is not targeting black women. This is targeting the practice and saying to black women is you find yourself in this crisis of an unexpected, unintended pregnancy,” says Rev. Michael Faulkner, of the New Horizon Church in Harlem. “There are alternatives to death.”

When Fox 5 asked about Fraser’s demands, the organization said: “The image was properly licensed through a reputable stock image service. We’ll be looking into the origin of the image and are certainly open to talking to the family directly if they have any concerns.”

Source: MyFoxNY