On February 6, 1995, the late poet, actor and rapper, Tupac Shakur was sentenced to serve 1½–4½ years in Clinton Correctional Facility in New York for a sexual assault. In one of many letters that Tupac penned to family and friends from his prison cell, he shared his thoughts on someday finding that elusive wife who only existed in his dreams.

In long, run on sentences, Tupac wrote:

“I am forever in search of her. I have been with many married women from wives of powerful drug lords to the wives of broke everyday Joes to the wives of quite a few very famous and rich singers/actors and seeing their wives hungry for someone else has shown me that only by being able to completely satisfy a woman in every way, shape & form can I truly find a happy & trusting faithful relationship.”

The day before Tupac was to be sentenced in the sex assault case, he was ambushed by several men who shot him five times and robbed him as he entered the lobby of Quad Recording studios in New York.

In the same letter, written to Sistah Souljah, and later published in the book Tupac: Resurrection; Tupac described his injuries and the aftermath of the shooting:

“My health is fine. I truly feel blessed that other than mentally I have no other scars or lasting problems from my “ordeal”. I still have the complete use of every nerve, limb and muscle and more surprisingly I can still make love and have babies after taking a shot to my scrotum!”

Source: urLifeFiles