The blogosphere is buzzing about the breakup of former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Lisa Wu and her husband, former NFL player Ed Hartwell. Wu tweeted confirmation of the split on her Twitter account today.

But that didn’t stop tongues from wagging about money troubles and infidelity being the leading causes of the breakup. Much of the gossip centers around who hunky Ed Hartwell is dating now. Atlanta’s chronically single ladies are already plotting and setting their traps for Ed.

Unfortunately for them, Ed is working to reconcile with his former flame, Lisa, if only for the sake of his 3-year-old son EJ.

A source close to Lisa’s camp tells us that Ed moved out of their home in June of this year — but he didn’t go far. Let’s just say he lives nearby so he can maintain his relationship with his son.

Another family friend says rumors that Lisa is now dating actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, whom she’s pictured with at the Bronner Brothers hair show this past weekend, are completely false.

Despite reports that Lisa Wu left Ed because of his shaky finances, they actually separated because people who are in love do eventually grow apart. That’s life. Even if you are married for 5 years like Ed and Lisa were. “He was my soulmate,” Lisa said to a family friend about the breakup. But the couple remain good friends and loving parents to their son.

“Ed will always support his family,” said the friend, who added that Ed gets retirement checks from the NFL that equal what most people earn in their lifetimes. Ed hasn’t worked in 4 years and his last football gig was for an arena football team in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Lisa Wu is a successful business woman who earns a modest income from her numerous business ventures. She’s also in the process of writing a book and she just wrapped a film she was working on in Philadelphia with actor Charles Dutton. In addition to all that, she makes time for EJ, and her other sons Jordan, 16, and Justin, 13, whom she shares custody with singer Keith Sweat.

Lisa Wu keeps in close contact with her tight circle of friends, including former “Football Wives” cast member Chanita Foster, who invited Lisa and other Atlanta celebs to travel to Africa with her to help children affected by the famine.

Foster, 32, is known in Atlanta for her generosity and benevolence in helping others who are less fortunate.

Both Lisa and Ed are telling friends they are separated, which some cynics say is code for “we’re shopping a reality TV show about a former NFL player who is separated from his former reality TV star wife.”

Lisa Wu changed her Twitter name in June from @1LisaWuHartwell to just @1LisaWu. And Ed changed his Facebook status from “married” to “separated” when rumors of their separation first surfaced last week.

Photo of Lisa and Malcolm: