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My apologies to my mature readers who are tired of reading about this “fight” between rapper Fabolous and Brandy’s little brother Ray J. According to Miss Info (via TMZ), the much-awaited video of the fisticuffs has leaked online.

-there are a lot of dudes voluntarily standing in very close quarters, with no music, no cocktails, and bright halogen lighting.
-Ray J, in his red hoodie (with hoodie up), is berating Fabolous….but after Fab complains about “touching,” there is some swinging arms and shoving.
-It sounds like after the scuffle, 50 Cent yells “What are y’all doing?” Which is a valid question. And I think Ray J says something like, “He got me twisted….”
-Whoever filmed this footage was literally standing right next to Ray J, looking over his shoulder, and holding a camera at face height. Given the 50 Cent namedrop, I’m wondering if he’s the one who cleared this clip….hmm. Source