Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny sit at courtside during the NBA All Star game in Orlando, FL on Sunday. The happy couple also took the kids to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando during their stay in Florida.

There is some talk (unconfirmed) that troubled singer Rihanna, 24, is being considered for Whitney Houston's role in 'Waiting To Exhale'. The truth is that Rihanna's career is over. Her former mentor Jay Z has severed all ties with her, and her record label has all but tossed her to the blog wolves as scrap meat. We doubt she's being considered to even play herself in a biopic on her own sad life.

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Beyoncé Knowles was spotted out for a walk with 6 week old infant Blue Ivy Carter in an animal print carrier in downtown Manhattan Saturday. Beyoncé drew sharp criticism for her controversial method of carrying her newborn tightly bound in a sheet when she and Jay Z went out to lunch on Saturday.

Everyone knows that newborn babies don't like their eyes covered with anything. Their brains are not developed enough to know that they are not alone even though they can't see anyone. The baby thinks she's all alone and she becomes terrified and begins to cry.

Obviously, Beyoncé reads the blogs, because she was seen out later in the day with BIC in a proper carrier with her face uncovered -- rather than smothered inside a sheet. Beyoncé clearly needs more intensive parenting training until she gets it down pat.
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NBA star Dwyane Wade, pictured above with his lovely fiancee, actress Gabrielle Union, attended the Orlando premiere of 'Think Like A Man' over the weekend.

Who saw Tyler Perry's 'Good Deeds' this weekend? Gabby turned in one of the best performances of her career! For once she wasn't that screeching, angry at every black man woman. But Tyler gets a serious side eye for basically saying it's okay for a wealthy black man to leave his submissive, doting black woman to SAVE an irresponsible, arrogant LSLH chick who is the reason for her own bad luck in life.

I guess you can all shut up about rapper fabolous and reality show character Emily B. being together for the time being. Fabolous is typical of cheating men who come back around when their baby mamas makes a name for themselves.

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^^^ That was the headline on People.com last night during the telecast of the 84th Annual Oscar Awards last night.

I was shocked and taken aback when I read that gratuitous headline.

The article went on to mention how "completely comfortable" Viola Davis looked wearing her own "rich reddish crop" of hair offset by the "emerald-hued Vera Wang dress and glamorous green earrings." How shameful and embarrassing is it that in 2012 -- with a black president occupying the White House -- we as a human race make headlines for being "comfortable" wearing our own hair?

Offsetting her rich reddish crop with an emerald-hued Vera Wang gown and glamorous green earrings, Davis looked completely comfortable — and totally stunning — as she walked down the carpet to take her seat in the theater as a best actress nominee for The Help. Says the star of changing up her style, “It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.”

Wow. She's spicing her life up by wearing her natural hair? We should all bow our heads in disgrace at how far we've come.

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From Press Release:

"Over the weekend (Saturday 2/25), Braxton sisters Toni, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci along with mom Evelyn ("Miss E") gathered in L.A. for the Season 2 Reunion Show taping of their hit WE tv show "BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES." Hosted by talk show queen Wendy Williams, the Reunion Special addressed issues such as the tension and jealousy between Toni and Tamar; Trina's marital woes with cheating hubby Gabe; Tamar's hubby Vince's hospitalization; Traci's struggle to find her true calling; and Evelyn's recent engagement (and did she go through with the wedding?)."

Toni Braxton with Autistic son Diezel. Toni is a spokeswoman for Autism Speaks and the American Heart Association.

The "BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES" season finale airs Thursday, March 22 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. The "Braxton Family Values" reunion special airs Thursday, March 29 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

Visit the show at Braxton Family Values.

Photos by: Chris Ragazzo/WE tv

Source: Saptosa Foster | The 135th Street Agency

Cam Montgomery Jr. of M. J. MANAGEMENT, INC, writes:

"By way of Tacoma, Washington, LEON is far more than the typical, Hollywood handsome face and ripped body. He's an entrepreneur at heart. The creator of his own destiny. The former fitness director for LA Fitness International is also the founder of FitFourQuarters Sweatcamp in Sherman Oaks. There, Leon and his staff use all the know-how he gained from playing collegiate football to aid clients in building lean, muscle mass and burning fat.

With an indefatigable work ethic, Leon has also set his sights on attaining Hollywood moguldom. He is the creator, writer, director and star of the hit, YouTube, web series, Playa And Wifey. This tall drink of water is gearing up to quench every conceivable thirst!"

Update: Cam Montgomery Jr. wants you to know:

Whoaaa! Your readers can be brutal! Lol! Leon's wife and son will get a kick out this, though!!!!

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I stopped watching the Academy Awards almost 30 years ago when I found out that the narcissistic pageantry was rigged and almost everyone knew who was going to win.

Deadline.com's writer Nikke Finke wrote: "The Oscars suck every year! And this year the Oscars are gonna suck worse than ever! Because we all know who’s going to win the marquee categories without a single envelope being ripped open."

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First-time proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z took their newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter out on her first walk in the Big Apple today. Jay Z, right, and another man stood guard as Beyonce carried baby BIC out of a restaurant and into her custom van. Blue Ivy was tightly bound and nearly smothered in a dark blanket. In keeping with the blue theme of BIC's over-the-top birth, Beyonce wore blue outerwear over black leggings, a skull cap and black shades. The family was seen leaving Sant Ambroeus Restaurant in the West Village after having lunch.
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Chris Brown's robbery victim has been revealed-- on video. The victim, Christal Spann, who clearly does not fit the "type" that Brown prefers -- was caught on video reporting Brown's alleged crime to Miami Beach cops. The video, first posted by TMZ.com, shows Spann surrounded by her friends -- all dark skinned sisters. Spann is in obvious distress as she exclaims several times, "I just want my phone back."

Spann told police that she and her friends followed Brown and rapper Tyga as they left the Cameo nightclub on South Beach early Sunday morning.

When Brown and Tyga climbed into Brown's leased black Bentley, Spann approached the vehicle and snapped a picture. An enraged Brown rolled down the window and snatched Spann's cell phone out of her hand.

Spann said Brown told her "Bitch, you not gonna put this up on no website," before speeding off with the $500 iPhone.

According to TMZ, the Miami Beach P.D. and the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office are aware of the existence of the video. The video will be used in their investigation, and it will be determined if Brown will be charged with a crime.

If Brown is charged with a crime, he will violate his California probation for assaulting singer Rihanna in 2009. Brown may be forced to serve out the remainder of his 5-year sentence in prison.

Not only does Brown hate women, but he harbors a particular hatred for women with dark skin.

Pop icon Whitney Houston passed away on Feb. 11, but her legacy lives on in her classic recordings and movie roles. Whitney's latest movie -- a remake of 'Sparkle' -- is set to hit theaters in August 2012. But her fans can get a taste of her former Glory in this video clip from ET.

Starring as "Effie" in the film, Sparkle, Whitney performs a rousing rendition of the gospel classic "His Eye Is On The Sparrow". Whitney makes liars out of those who said the drugs and alcohol robbed her of her beautiful voice.

Watch the video after the break!

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