It can’t be good when a grandmother doesn’t recognize her daughter’s features in her own granddaughter. Tina Knowles spoke with PEOPLE magazine during the Runway to Win Fundraising reception for President Barack Obama last night.

When asked about her granddaughter, Knowles began by cryptically saying, “She’s doing great.”

Well, we would hope the baby is doing great — unless she has some type of hereditary illness that we don’t know about.

Knowles clarified by saying “She’s beautiful.” Then when she was asked pointedly who the baby resembled the most, Tina said: “She’s only a month old. So we have to give her a minute.”

Let’s pause here to reflect on her answer… what grandmother doesn’t recognize her own daughter’s features in her grandbaby? Unless the baby isn’t Beyonce’s — which we already figured.

Most grandmothers would say the baby has her daughter’s eyes, or her son-in-law’s lips, or something.

You mean to tell me Tina doesn’t recognize any resemblance at all in the baby’s features after an entire month?