George Zimmerman’s lawyers called a hasty press conference today to announce their decision to quit as Zimmerman’s legal counsel. The lawyers say they can’t find Zimmerman, who gunned down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, Feb. 26.

Attorney Craig Sonner said he lost contact with Zimmerman on Sunday. He told the media that Zimmerman refused to answer phone calls and emails since Sunday. Zimmerman reportedly called Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and the special prosecutor to give his side of the case — a very unusual move.

Hannity is refusing to disclose what Zimmerman told him.

According to CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin, the lawyers are “setting [Zimmerman] up for an arrest.”

CNN’s Ashley Banfield reports that Zimmerman never retained (paid) the attorneys, so the attorneys aren’t officially his lawyers. The prosecutors called the attorneys to tell them they refused Zimmerman’s request to “come in and talk” to the prosecutors without an attorney present.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is already providing excuses for Zimmerman, claiming he is suffering “some sort of post-traumatic distress disorder.”