A cocaine dealer with a sweet tooth is out of luck if he’s looking for his chocolate bars with the powdered cocaine filling.

Customs officials seized the chocolate bar shipment — street value $130,000 — at Dulles International Airport on Sunday, April 22.

The cocaine was discovered in the luggage of a Guatemalan woman who arrived on a flight from El Salvador on Sunday.

According to the Washington examiner, a suspicious Customs and Border Protection officer found the unusual looking chocolate bars, cut one open, and found a bar of cocaine wrapped in plastic, covered in chocolate, said CBP spokesman Robert Hunt.

Customs officials counted eight chocolate bars, six of which contained a cocaine center, and six small drink boxes that contained plastic bags filled with cocaine.

The woman was not charged because she “worked for a legitimate courier.”

But the woman was put on a plane back to to El Salvador, and her Visa was canceled, Hunt said. The woman was banned from returning to the U.S. for 5 years.

Cocaine traffickers never fail at figuring out ingenious ways to ship their coke to the U.S.

Food and other perishable items are the favored choices because they mask the scent of the cocaine from police dogs who are trained to sniff drugs out of luggage.