Nothing gets my attention faster than an arrogant celebrity threatening a lawsuit over something he did wrong.

This morning, while perusing my Twitter timeline, I stumbled upon a Twitter rant by Gina, owner of What About Our Daughters blog. It seems that Kevin Hart, star of Think Like A Man, posted an offensive, anti black woman cartoon on his facebook page and then threatened to sue anyone who re-posted it.

It seems that Hart has a history of making ignorant comments about black women on social websites. And when I say black women, I’m referring to women two shades darker than Rihanna — the only type that Hart will date nowadays.

From What About Our Daughters:

Ah yes, it looks like another client of the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe has been unleashed on the internets. You know a celebrity is running scared when they start stammering and yammering on Twitter and Facebook about taking “Legal Action” in response to LEGITIMATE CRITICISM. Rest assured that these threats of “legal action” are nothing more than an attempt to abuse the legal system in an attempt to silence critics who have a constitutional right to say “KEVIN HART HATES BLACK WOMEN!

If you will recall, Mr. Hart once tweeted

     “Light skinned women usually have better credit than [sic] dark-skinned women… Broke @$$ dark hoes…lol.”

When last we spoke, this blog along with much bigger sites pointed out that Kevin Hart posted an offensive cartoon about Black women on his page.

Faster than you can say “Google Alerts” publicists at Sony wrassled Mr. Hart to the ground and forced him to tweet the following:

ATTENTION EVERYONE…….I have been getting google alerts all day about a cartoon that’s being credited to me that talks about black woman…I have nothing to do with this cartoon, I am not behind it or involved with it in anyway shape or form!!! THIS CARTOON IS FRAUDULENT…With that being said if the promotion of this CARTOON is not stopped ASAP I will be taking legal actions against all parties that are involved.

But after hundreds of women reminded Hart that the offensive cartoon was in fact posted on his Facebook page, Hart backtracked and blamed the cartoon on a family member, his cousin.

Kevin Hart Facebook message:
I was just made aware that the cartoon was posted on my page yesterday…… was posted by someone who only had access to my page for the purpose of uploading my calendar events…..That person thought that they were doing me a favor by posting something that THEY thought was funny……..LEGAL ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN & ONCE AGAIN I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT CARTOON IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!!!! I am now done talking about this subject……LIVE LOVE & LAUGH

Hopefully, Hart’s self hatred and ignorance won’t keep people out of the theaters next week when Think Like A Man premieres.