A Texas woman was gunned down as she took her 3-day-old son, Keegan Schuchardt, for his first check-up on Tuesday. 28-year-old Kala Marie Golden tried desperately to save her son as her killer — a registered nurse — snatched Keegan out of her arms.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Lignon said Verna Deann McClain was charged with murder early Wednesday morning. Her sister, Corina Jackson, told police the mother of three was adopting a baby soon.

Lignon told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that McClain had planned to kidnap a baby, but Golden was a random target. There is no indication that the two women knew each other prior to the shooting.

The shooting occurred around 3:40pm at the Northwoods Pediatric Center, 25214 Burrough Park Drive.

Police say Golden was walking back to her pickup truck when the suspect — described as a black woman with gold highlights in her hair — jumped out of a light blue, late model Lexus parked in the spot next to Golden’s truck.

An argument ensued and the suspect shot Golden multiple times. Witnesses described hearing as many as seven gunshots in the parking lot of the suburban clinic.

Some witnesses say the suspect’s passenger, described as a white male, scooped up the baby and placed him in the Lexus. But others say the suspect grabbed the baby from Golden and drove off, hitting the mortally wounded mom with the driver’s side door of the Lexus as she reached into the car for her son.

“My baby, my baby!” she screamed as the car carrying her son sped off. Golden was transported to a local hospital, but she died of her injuries.

Around 5 p.m., heavily armored police, wielding automatic rifles, surrounded the Fawnridge Apartments about a mile from the clinic. Police entered the apartment but no one was inside.

According to a police report, McClain, who had earlier parked her vehicle at the apartment complex, walked up and asked if she could speak with police.

“She admitted to shooting Mrs. Golden and taking her baby,” the arrest report said. “The defendant admitted to taking the child to her residence in Harris County which is where Keegan was later located.” Baby Keegan was recovered around 8pm by police in Harris County.

“After killing Golden and kidnapping Keegan, defendant stated to Corina that she now had the child and would be needing to do the adoption, indicating that the abduction of the child was her motive for killing Golden,” the report said.

Lignon says Child Protective Services are looking after Keegan but that they expect him to soon be reunited with his father.

Source: Mail Online, KXLY.com and Chron.com