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According to my inside sources, Brandy Norwood is throwing her former duet partner Monica Brown under the bus after their single "It All Belongs to Me" failed to meet expectations.

And now their upcoming tour has been scrapped. But Brandy is placing the blame for the failed tour squarely on Monica, saying Monica is more focused on her sons and husband, Shannon Brown, than she is on touring.

But that's not true, according to my source. He told me there were issues with the top billing (whose name would go first) as well as money issues (who would get paid more). He said Brandy derailed the tour by demanding top billing and more cash upfront.

"It's a done deal. And [the deal] fell through," said my source.

In an interview with Barkbiteblog, Brandy said:

Um, honestly, we haven't really talked about it since we stopped promoting "It All Belongs to Me." I just honestly think Monica and I are in different places in our music. And my vibe is a little bit different this time around so I don't know. I kind of wanna do my own thing. I definitely feel like the fans would want a tour from us, but I don't know, I just feel like I'm being pulled in a different direction. I'm definitely still open to it, but right now I'm looking in a different way right now for me.

The insider pointed to the lackluster sales for the single, and for Monica's album New Life, as some of the reasons why Brandy wanted to pursue other options, such as recording album features with other artists rather than go on tour with Monica.

"Brandy thinks she is a bigger brand than Monica," said my source. "She has more shows than Monica, she was the star of Moesha."

Last month, the same source told that Brandy and the label were using Monica as a promotional tool for Brandy's upcoming album. It looks like he was right after all.

As I told you in THIS post, the record label was much more interested in pushing Brandy's project than Monica's. I can't go into any details on that.

But rest assured that Brandy's album will flop because the same people who worked hard to promote Brandy are now the same ones she is walking all over. (Read between the lines).

"Brandy is disingenuous in everything she does," said a record label source who begged for anonymity. "Brandy and her brother [Ray J] use people for their own benefit."

"What makes Monica a safe bet for her fans is she's real. If you're going to be real, be 100% real," he said.

  • chelle770

    Never really cared for Brandy anyway... --___--

  • Vanguard Reese

    Seeing their show wasn't one of my top priorities but I know a few folks who were excited about it. Brandy has always come off as somebody with an ego to me. Diva attitude, karaoke singer talent = Brandy.

  • deedeegirl

    Sounds like hate to me because Monica's album was a 100% flop. And that is not Brandy's fault.

  • EB

    When you compare Monica and Brandys career Brandy is the bigger star. Brandy had a tv show, singing career, movies, dolls, books, and endorsement deals.

    I hope to see Brandy in concert. I'm glad there not doing a joint tour. I never believed their friendship. They said they haven't even met each others kids yet.

  • Carrington

    Brandy actually made really good music until about 3 albums ago. I don't particularly care for the family after interviewing the son that Willie Norwood's first son (Danyel AKA C-Dove) and his mother, Netta and learning some very interesting things about the Norwood family. *side eye*

    I love Monica's dedication to her family, I love her style, but her music just plain ole sucks. Monica hurt Monica with the type of music she puts out - so, she can't blame her record sales (or lack thereof) on anybody other than MONICA.

    That single was blah from the gate. For one, it should have NEVER been a duet and clearly wasn't written that way, they obviously went into the booth with a pen and said, 'OK, you sing this part... I'll take this and then we'll meet in the middle'.

    "That mac book belongs to me" --- really? From two VETERANS those are the lyrics y'all came up with?

  • Carrington

    I'm sorry, "That FACEBOOK belongs to me!"


  • Kittle

    I know you Stan for Monica Sandra, but Brandy is in deed the bigger artist. New life flopped big time not only in sales, but also in the lyrical content.

  • Kittle

    And they were promoting that song like it was hot.

  • eMDe

    Since we are listing Brandy's resume, don't forget to mention her murderous driving record :steer:
    With her ol'big headed narcissistic non-driving ass!!

  • StillB3lieve

    :cosign: with Carrington and EB

  • MsOnederful

    I think what Auntie is trying to convey is, due to the fact that Monica's latest album did not do that well. Brandy hopped off that wagon. Had it been a success she would still be riding Mo's coat tails! Please note that Mo's last effort did exceptionally well & Brandy needed something to latch on to. Considering she has not had an album out in the last 4 to 5 years. As Mo did. Either that or maybe it's still a Beyonce and Rihanna world.

  • Sandra Rose

    MsOnederful says:

    I think what Auntie is trying to convey is, due to the fact that Monica’s latest album did not do that well. Brandy hopped off that wagon. Had it been a success she would still be riding Mo’s coat tails!

    Thanks hun! Haters gon' hate, but Monica will come back hard! Her talent can not be denied.

  • MsOnederful

    Your welcome Auntie ;)

  • Mr.BluPhi

    I've never thought of Brandy as a diva or having an attitude. And Brandy's vocals are sick...

    Brandy , in my opinion, has never had a bad album...especially if you're looking at lyrical content.

    As far as the tour, Monica didnt seem interested at all during the interview on 106 and Park. Brandy was pretty much saying that it would be up to Monica, and I think Monica was too busy focusing on her album to be thinking about a joint tour. And I dont think it has anything to do with Mo's album sales, if anything, it has more to do with how the audience responded to the single. I mean they couldn't get a top 20 single, there's no way they could have profitable tour??

    I think both ladies are talented, but I prefer Brandy over Monica...

  • deedeegirl

    No way Mo is coming back from this. She better switch to gospel or sit back and enjoy being a ballers wife.

  • hell_on_heels

    Ummmm, I was so NOT looking forward to their tour. I'm around the same age as both Brandy & Monica & yet I just don't connect to either of their music. When I was a teen, Brandy was cool, can't say the same for Monica. I just feel like as an artist grows (ages), their music to some extent should reflect that as well. "That All Belongs to Me" was straight bulls$it!!!! Hello SR fam:-).



  • capricorn83

    Huge side-eye @ Sandra's "sources." I have a feeling that this comes more from you than anyone else.

    I seriously doubt that Brandy pulled out of the tour b/c Monica is not "winning" right now. If she was going to latch on to someone's coattails, I'm sure she could have found a better coat. Hell, Monica hetself needs to find some coattails. Still Standing did ok, but Monica hasn't been that hot in YEARS herself!!

  • amatrex

    Monica has always had a more powerful singing voice than Brandy.

    But it's undeniable that Brandy has enjoyed MUCH more commercial success than Monica.

    And speaking strictly from a physical perspective:

    Brandy's body >>>>>> Monica's body

  • lovezoe

    I think they are both singing about topics below their age level.

    In other news, did anyone hear about the woman who drove her EX- boyfriend to his NEW girlfriend house and she ended up kidnapped, shot, and set on fire? Oh, and she's pregnant with his baby and he is a person of interest.

  • capricorn83

    @Lovezoe... I read about that. It's crazy! Fortunately, the baby is fine and she is expected to recover.

  • pointhimout

    well that new song they did was ignorant. they would've been better off remaking the boy is mine. that schit right there will forever be a classic.

    I like Brandy and Monica, but can say Monica is more personable and seems so appreciative of her fan base. I like that. I always say the way you treat people on this level is the same way you're going to treat people when you get to a higher level. "this level" being where you are right now.

    Monica did the "hot seat" here on SR and talked/shot the schit with us...answered one of my questions. When celebs make themselves available for something so simple, I'm a supporter fa life. TEAM MONICA.

  • Torae

    Maybe if they started singing how they used to sing their albums wouldn't flop. Singing about fb and macbooks....cmon now! Brandy isn't going to do any better than Monica. They're both has beens singing awful music. They are both talented, but their lyrical content is horrible.....Maybe they should start making music for people their age, the same people that made them famous and purchased their music in the past. I'm not feeling either one of them right now. Get some new material, sing it like ya used to and stop trying to sing for teenagers and maybe they both can move some units....

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    :rolleyes: I like both of these chicks and that is all I have. Fans of them both :coffee:

  • Tammy

    Brandy always seemed fake to me or that she was trying too hard. I read on another site Brandy was saying she was in a different place musically. What in a matter of months please. If Brandy album flops bet you gon want to tour with Monica then.After seeing her Behind the music you can tell she will Lie Cheat and Steal to win!!

  • pointhimout

    didn't rico love produce that dumb song? can anyone name one true hit? these fly by night producers and their hit or mostly miss tracks, i swear. timeless music people, timeless. am i the only that smh when commercials or other media content have songs from yesteryear featured?

    I now understand why these artists are forever dropping cds every year almost. remember the time when mj and other artists went years between cds? breezy rhianna and my own monica seem to always be dropping a new cd.

  • Man, I just don’t care™


  • missmiami

    I actually like Monica 's album

  • missmiami

    :offtopic: Evelyn is a salty chick. Tammi jumps on the bandwagon. Shouts out to Jenn from dismissing them petty hoes and standing up for herself :kneel:

  • digal704

    If Monica is so dedicated to her family,why doesn't she live with her husband during the basketball season? They have schools in LosAngeles and Phoenix. Yet she stays in Atlanta and shows up at the errant game. Since Shannon is a free agent maybe he will sign up with the Hawks or not.

  • Flawless

    I like Monica's CD !!
    missmiami says:

    Evelyn is a salty chick. Tammi jumps on the bandwagon. Shouts out to Jenn from dismissing them petty hoes and standing up for herself


  • missmiami

    Single ladies is lack luster :deadhorse: I miss Val. She was a bad bish. This shall only be good for celeb appearances. :offtopic: Love N HipHOp Atl looks like it's full of crack heads. Lmao

  • BoogieNites


  • lakiesha76

    Brandy is living in a dream world her 15 minutes was gone what 10 years ago lol

  • Ms. Everything

    Honestly, I think they both used each other for the publicity and if that song had blown up more than they might have gone on with the tour... maybe. I would pay to see Brandy before I'd spend $1 on a Monica concert but that's just me :shrugs: I don't think she threw her under the bus though

  • Ni ni

    That duet was awful. When brandy first came out, she sounded like a teenager. Monica has always had the voice of a grown up. I was blown away at her vocal ability at such a young age. If monica had stayed on that path, of doing more soundtracks, acting, im sure she would have been great at it. But at the same time, im glad that she decided to step away and grow up and raise her kids. She has talent, it is okay not to have the number one album, walk all the red carpets, and continue to be in the spotlight. Being in the spotlight all the tme should not define what you have accomplished. Besides, fame and all thst comes along with it is not worth it. Monica has it where she can tour when she wants to make a lil extra money. A lot of former artists still tour. She can still be that full time wife and mother. Monica and brandy should probably never done this duet seeing how things turned out before.

  • DeevaC

    Carrington where can I see that interview or read it? I tried to do a google search but I couldnt find it.


    Monica's CD- New Life is hot. People are sleeping on it. That duet is the only weak/dumb song on it.

  • YSoSrs

    Love Brandy. That song was hot garbage though. That is all. :coffee:

  • LaTechGrad02

    Morning All!!

    Is anyone going to tune into Tami's spot on Wendy Williams' show today? Maybe she'll discuss Shaunie adding that Walton family dinner and her meeting with the pastor to the end of the show or maybe she'll discuss Jamie Foster Brown's shadiness since she gave her the transcripts to Jen's interview.

  • Aprilbaby

    Morning All,

    Granted Monica can be ghetto at times, you can't deny her vocals. As for Brandy she has decent vocals. But her voice really isn't that strong. Plus her and her family have lied way too much to keep up her clean girl image. Once she lied about that marriage and being knocked up I was over and done.

  • bnatural

    Morning yall!

    Brandy would clearly be the headliner for a tour. Overall, most of albums are BETTER and more popular than Monica's and Brandy has had much more success than Monica. I believe more people would pay to see Brandy headline and be the featured artist than Monica...

    Oh and I'm ready for the BBQ wives reunion....should be interesting...

    Anyone else see that Beyonce said that she lost 60lbs post pregnancy?

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • luVn_liFe…

    Good Morning Roses...
    Personally I think they both need to sit their behinds down.

  • lovezoe

    @bnatural- I saw she said she lost 60lbs, if true I need her trainer stat!

    I don't have much to say about these Basketball Doormats. It is really sad that women of this age behave in such a vile manner. The talk Shaunie had with her pastor... for the past five years you allowed ALL of this to go on, you signed off on these scenes, but NOW you are worried how people will act. Like people said on Twitter, guarantee she shot that last week.

    Evelyn and Jenn were never real friends. If they were, Evelyn would not have told her business like that. The way Suzie runs her mouth, we would have known who Jenn smashed by now. Tami is too old to be a follower like she is.

  • Tainted_Love

    I've always liked Monica more than Brandy, maybe because Mo was the home town girl.Brandy just seems so fake and almost everyone she's worked with said negative things about her. Monica clearly has more going on in her life than Brandy now. I can't remember the last time I saw Brandy with her daughter....Morning :waves:

  • LaTechGrad02

    @lovezoe, Tami reminds me so much of one of these high school girls who wants to be a part of the in crowd so badly that once she gets there she forgets how nasty the in crowd used to be towards her and she forgets the people who stood by her when she was wearing cheap weave and Rainbow outfits.

    I couldn't believe that Shaunie who had a failed shoe line with Chinese Laundry and Tami who's weave line is a joke had the nerve to crack on Jen's lip gloss line while Evelyn's make up line looked like something that you could buy at Rite Aid.

  • Tainted_Love

    @LA Didn't know she was going to be on WW...going to sneak the office tv on and watch

  • LaTechGrad02

    @Tainted, last night she asked people not to tweet her about BBW because she was going to tell everything on the show today. This ought to be interesting, if she tells the truth, but she's probably not going to spill any tea. She'll probably be promoting Ev's dumb show and fake marriage

  • lovezoe

    It's so funny how Suzi says she don't like drama, but she run as fast as she can to run her mouth to the "circle". Evelyn wants Jen to BEG for her friendship back. And who gone wear that cheap mess Evelyn hawking?!

    I find it hard to believe MAC produces that junk. @LA you right, she clowned Jen's line which I presume is doing quite well, yet she wonder how people will feel about you.

  • Tainted_Love

    @LA Probably so! She's just trying to pull in viewers. Tami has fooled herself into thinking she belongs...I don't watch the show much anymore only when Sandra post things up but I've grown to dislike everyone but Jen and Kenya

  • GAGIRL87

    I'm a huge FAN of Monica always have been and always will be and just like somebody said if Monica's album was a success Brandy would STILL be around.Now I never really cared for Brandy's music but I loved Moesha :shrugs:. It's Monica's voice and realness that I love and flock to... Every since that VH1 behind the music special when she OPENLY lied about her being married, chit if she lied about that what else has she lied about :rolleyes:

  • LaTechGrad02

    When Tami said eff Royce Suzie actually had the nerve to say I second that. Royce has done nothing to Suzie but tell the truth especially when came to her thirst to be back in the circle.

  • missmiami

    ^^^ exactly. Suzie is like the chick from highschool who simply wants to be down. Looks like Shaunie got the memo that no respectable business person will take her seriously after this. I stopped watching for a while. Simply tuned in the last two episodes to see how Jenn handled herself. Must say, I am proud she dismissed those minions :kneel:

  • Ms. YaYa

    :crying: I didn't wanna come back to work this morning...
    Hey Everybody :waves:

  • Trendsetter

    So that song was orginally R. Kelly's....Monica heard it and asked him for the he gave it to her...somehow she thought that song would be good as a duet and it wasn't....Kellz should've kept his song...however,I love me some Monica...

  • gypsyeyes

    Good morning ladies and gents,
    On Monica and Brandy I think that they don't need to do any duets. When they were younger it was OK because that was an era for that kind of stuff but in this day and age there is no need for that. Monica could do better singing hooks for Luda verses doing a whole album. Maybe Missy can give her a club banger but other than that she needs to do what Toni and Celine did and try to book a show in Vegas. Brandy should stick to acting and I think that she could revive her career with out any stunts. I don't think that she was riding Monica's coattails but I wouldn't tour or promote with someone that is not interested.
    On BBW that shyt is trifling. That is all!!!

  • BoogieNites

    single ladies still sux :mad:

  • NaijaGal

    Love me some Brandy...great soothing voice...Never Say Never is still my joint :love:

    Morning was everybody's memorial day
    LaTech, GAGirl, Tainted, lovezoe, YSO, LAKES, bnatural
    :waves: :hug:

  • FeFe Feminine

    No comment on the post, I've already stated my opinion of fake ass Brandy and her delusions of grandeur...

    About BBW, Ev and Tami looked downright STUPID while Jenn has been so over this shyt for awhile now...Tami has COMPLETELY ruined my image of her by getting mad at Royce...Royce didn't even DO anything! Ev is one miserable trick if it makes her feel better to put Jenn's business out there like that, that was a weak and tired attempt to make Jenn look bad...

  • NaijaGal

    @Boogie with Single Ladies I tried but how does your acting get worse the 2nd was trash...good man candy but that was it

    gypsy, YaYa :hi:

  • LaTechGrad02

    Morning Naija!!

  • gypsyeyes

    Ev's line looks like a knock off of BH Cosmetics. I love me some BH and I'm not going to pay in arm in a leg for Ev's cause it has hers on there.
    Shaunie pulled the pastor card last night. I guess the next season of their show will focus more on career,family and outtings. She has been criticized too much for that trashy shyt.

  • LaTechGrad02

    Evelyn seemed to be more concerned about who Jen smashed than Eric. She was definitely acting like a scorned lover. How would she even know if Jen slept with that guy without a condom? I died when Jen said that Evelyn had cemeteries.

  • Tainted_Love

    :hug: Naija

  • Man, I just don’t care™

    Morning and chit. :yawn:

    We still talking bout these has-beens/never-was azz "artists?"

  • Mother Jefferson

    :yawn: Really Brandy and Monica waited way too long to even make a duet and try to go on tour together. They should have done this like 5 or 6 years ago when more people cared. :coffee:

  • gypsyeyes

    Jenn's one liners are classic. They wanna bring her to their level so bad but she just won't stoop. And her lip line doesn't need more than 4 shades for now. She is just starting out and you want to make sure that your product will sell before you put more money and production into it. And Shaunie taking shots at Jenn's line was immature and although children should be off limits her oldest girl is just like her DADDY!!! NO Bueno!

  • Trendsetter

    What can I say about BBW...trifling...and I can't stan Slusie...oh instigating a$$..Ev is mad because Jenn doesn't want to be her friend anymore...Jenn apologized for her comment last what more do you want...Tami is a hot mess...she is stuck so far up Ev a$$ it's ridic! Shaunie is super phony...Kenya just want to be in the lime light...she's Jenn's stan...

  •!/profile.php?id=590097934 Phillybruh

    Monica is the more relevant one musically she's constantly had at least one radio hit a year let's be real until the duet Jay Leno wasnt calling Brandy to perform, This duet was more the record labels doing more so than Monica. I was kinda looking forward to seeing the two of them on the road. I've seen Monica in AC about a year ago I would pay to see her again she has the most memorable hits. Before you walk, one of them days, for you I will,why I love you so much. Bad move on Brandy's part if this is true because Mo will always have a home with Clive, If Brandy's album flops she's out....

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!


  • Carrington

    Tami is that ignorant broad who, ironically, reminds me of Lil Kim in that she believes in that "loyalty" bull$hit even when it's to the detriment of her own damn self!

    Lil Kim went to jail so she would be considered "ride or die" without regard for the fact that everyone she "protected" moved on with their lives and when she got out, they had moved on... her REAL friends in the industry would have constructed a few hits for her unfortunate looking a$$ since her release... so, what did it get you other than a felony and status as a has-been. Tami believes that loyalty is only telling her what she WANTS to hear and she believes that you have to be on her side, or the other - you can't do both.

    I sat in amazement that she sat there and said Royce was wrong for calling her out for being ignorant. I'm officially over these ghetto broads.

    Shaunie should be ashamed.

  • NaijaGal

    it begs the question why Tami was so pressed about's not Jen's fault Eve keeps sniffing around her...Tami is so pathetic and a waste of skin

  • GAGIRL87

    :offtopic: Instagram is the chit :woohoo:

  • FeFe Feminine

    And how does Tami sit there and actually state that she doesn't like THE WAY something was done??? When she's the QUEEN of doing shyt the wrong way??? And then to dismiss some fukk shyt she said as no big deal because she said it in anger! Ummmm, you stupid beast of a woman, OTHER people have a right to be angry too!! :smack:

  • Trendsetter

    Oh and not to mention that Tami is super weak for not being Royce friend anymore when Royce told her she was wrong...tami was cool when she first came on the show but now she's change dramtically...oh and taking shots at Jenn's lip gloss line is childish...I think Lucid is nice and cute...Jenn ain't no dummy...she has a hand in the Flirty Girl Fitness franchise and other things...Ev line was to over the top...with that big a$$ ipad of a makeup kit...

  • !*LaKErCHiC@*!

    Ev line was to over the top…with that big a$$ ipad of a makeup kit…

  • Tainted_Love

    @Ga Girl add me!!! My name is the same on there as here

  • LaTechGrad02

    I want to know if Tami actually had the transcripts from the interview or if she was pulling the okie doke on Jen hoping she'd admit to something. If she really does have the transcripts, Jamie Foster Brown is just as trifling as Tami for giving that information to her and I hope no one grants an interview to this supermarket pamphlet again in the future.

  • kahmmillion

    @ NaijaGal

    That new girl on Single Ladies can't act either. There is some disconnect in that show. SMH. The only person that can act is the yt girl. What I don't understand is if she is from one of the wealthiest fams in ATL, why is she staying with LisaRaye after she dumped the fiance?

    The new chick is very pretty, but she's not hot. She has no sex appeal. There is something lacking there.

    As much as Stacy can't act, it was better with her in it. She can't act, but she was a bad bish and she gave it to you. This new chick....blah!

  • bnatural

    LaTechGrad02 says:

    Evelyn seemed to be more concerned about who Jen smashed than Eric. She was definitely acting like a scorned lover. How would she even know if Jen slept with that guy without a condom? I died when Jen said that Evelyn had cemeteries.

    YESSSS! "We all have skeletons in our closets but bish you got a damn cemetary" :rofl:

  • lovezoe

    LA- I agree. Jamie Foster Brown is wrong for that one, friend or no friend. What happened to journalists protecting their sources?

  • bnatural


  • NaijaGal

    @kahmill I def agree with your assessment about Stacy...she's a mediocre actress at best but she has some sort of synergy that draws you in to her...the new chick sounds like a little girl playing grown...and Lisa's age was showing last can't put a 40+ woman next to a 20+ and expect us to believe they grew up together :nono:

  • NaijaGal

    :newpost: on the BBW is up

  • kahmmillion

    @ NaijaGal

    That's the truf. That's why the gave Lisa that new hairstyle to try and make her look younger. That dress that she had on in the beginning was not flattering at all.

    Then, that whole dance sequence. :wtf: was Lisa doing? She just looked big and heavy. She could barely move. I know she can't act, but damn, she can't act like she's dancing either? The yt girl was doing her thing on the dance floor though.

  • NaijaGal

    @kahmill I had to change channels when that atrocious dance scene they just couldn't ask ole boy to a table to talk??? booo to it all

  • MsOnederful

    Phillybruh says:

    Monica is the more relevant one musically she’s constantly had at least one radio hit a year let’s be real until the duet Jay Leno wasnt calling Brandy to perform, This duet was more the record labels doing more so than Monica. I was kinda looking forward to seeing the two of them on the road. I’ve seen Monica in AC about a year ago I would pay to see her again she has the most memorable hits. Before you walk, one of them days, for you I will,why I love you so much. Bad move on Brandy’s part if this is true because Mo will always have a home with Clive, If Brandy’s album flops she’s out….

    ALL OF THIS<-----------MO will ALWAYS have a home! (Label) you summed it all up!

  • GAGIRL87


    Tainted_Love says:

    @Ga Girl add me!!! My name is the same on there as here



  • Destinee

    I like both the artist and I just didnt buy Monica's last CD cuz the one prior was just ok. I will buy Brandy's CD cuz I have all her other CDs and in my opinion they all haven't been that bad.

  • Thaluvasckred


  • Danielle

    I have always liked Monica's voice more than Brandy's. I am and have always been a fan of Monica's music but that single "It all belongs to me" SUCKED!I tried to force myself to like it but just couldn't. Now "Catch me" or "Man who has everything" would have been better singles for Mo to release.

  • Denise Jordan

    Someone need to tap brandy on the shoulder and tell her she don't have any music or song. she is wash up and can not compete with monica today or before.... why? because that always will be her focus how to beat someone instead of making great music and giving the fans what they want. not for brandy to be a big head and walk all over people. Why would she demand more money her brand is tarnish and she is wash up. You still see monica doing music and releasing music. Brandy tries but her music flops because she trying to be something she's not. Please someone let her know what's really going on