The judge in George Zimmerman’s 2nd degree murder trial revoked his bond today after reviewing a motion filed by Florida state prosecutors to revoke Zimmerman’s bond for lying under oath.

In the motion (which you can download HERE) Zimmerman, 29, and his wife, Shelly Zimmerman, are recorded on jail house phones discussing in code how to transfer money from his public PayPal account to Shelly’s credit union account.

In a phone call placed from the Seminole County jail to Shelly who was at the credit union the day before his bond hearing, Zimmerman and Shelly used code to hide the existence of $135,000 in funds.

The next day, during the bond hearing, Shelly Zimmerman testified under oath that she did not know how much money was collected by the PayPal account. She also testified that her husband was indigent and the family had no major assets and the family was unable to “scrape up” anything to assist with the payment of Zimmerman’s bond.

Shelly Zimmerman faces perjury charges for lying under oath during the bond hearing. George Zimmerman has 48 hours to surrender to Seminole County jail officials.

DOWNLOAD Motion to revoke Zimmerman’s bond
DOWNLOAD transcript of original bond hearing

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