Pop singer Rihanna is mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother, Clara Dolly Braithwaite, 80, who passed away Saturday following a long battle with cancer.

For months Rihanna tweeted photos of her ailing grandmother whom she affectionately called "grangranDolly".

Last night the 24-year-old Barbadian singer shared her grief with her immense following on Twitter.

"Goodbye #grangranDOLLY get your beauty rest until I see you," she tweeted.

Friends and celebrities have expressed their condolences to Rihanna, including Chris Brown's mother, Joyce Hawkins, who tweeted: "Angel May God be with you and your family in your time of sorrow. Love you Angel."

Rihanna tweeted her reply: "@mombreezy thank you! Love u mama."

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    • sharnell

      WOW, my prayers go out to her and her family. When the grandmother (usually the backbone of the family) dies most families either get closer or drift further apart. I pray as you say Sandra, she finds peace and gets whatever helps she needs to help her through her grief.

    • luVn_liFe…

      R.i.P grangranDOLLY"
      May The lord keep his mighty hands on this Family,Although Noone will Leave this world alive,
      Losing a loved one is Never easy nor can you prepare :pray: the will be able to find solace.

    • capricorn83

      Sad for Rihanna!!

      Chris tweeted as well: "Praying for family and the lost loved one. She was like my grandmother. Love you GRAN GRAN! RIP"

    • whatdoesitmatter

      Losing a grandmother is the worst pain imaginable. At least it was for me. Condolences.

    • Torae

      My grandmother is 83 years old and I can't imagine her not being here with me, i'm just as close to her as I am with my mother! Condolences to Rihanna!

    • belindammp

      Sorry for your lost , may God be with you

    • https://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      @ capricorn83: Interestingly, Rihanna didn't retweet Chris.

    • https://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

      sharnell says:

      I pray as you say Sandra, she finds peace and gets whatever helps she needs to help her through her grief.

      She will probably go off the deep end now.

    • KK76

      Agreed @whatdoes. :sad: RIP.

    • OutsidetheBox

      Aww. Peace to Rih. May the Lord keep her close.

    • Paige

      Hopefully she will not go off the deep end! What a negative comment to make. Praying for her/family.

    • http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/db78ef2b213fd6958c1aa6773fe9a6dc?s=80 jeniefrumdabloc

      Awww that is sad :sad: rest in peace.

    • Smonae80

      Very sad :(

    • KDub

      I feel sad for Rih. My grandma been gone for 8 years and I think of her every single DAY! RIP Ms. Dolly!

    • BayMami_de4

      RIP. Prayers for Rih and her family :(

    • kingstonn

      those pictures she posted on twitter left me misty eyed. :cry:

    • Rolo

      Prayers go out to Rihanna and her family. Losing my great grandma was the worst pain I have ever felt so I know the feeling.

    • MszDee

      R.I.P my prayers go out to Rih Rih and her family

    • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1335451522 therapist1911

      Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

      I struggle everyday with the thought of my Granny parting this life. I hope RHianna finds solace.

      It amazes me that this thread only has 18 comments, but would have 220 negative comments if it was bout her love life, outfit, or etc.

    • Chgoprime

      Condolences to Rhi Rhi


      What you said is the absolute truth. Unfortunately in my case when both my grandmothers passed our family def drifted apart. When my pawpaws passed it was hard but my grannies? devastating.

    • jealousCNenvy

      Thats sad....I love Riri. R.I.P GranGranDolly

    • LadyLioness

      R.I.P. GranGranDolly. My :pray: are with your family.