In the 1990s, rumors ran rampant that a male homosexual rapper was running through other male rappers and R&B singers in the industry. Many of us speculated who the infamous “gay rapper” was. We had our ideas but nothing was ever confirmed.

Nowadays it’s easier for gay rappers to live and love openly thanks to prominent gays in the media who promote gay tolerance.

On the same day that CNN anchor Anderson Cooper revealed his homosexuality, Odd Future fans learned that Frank Ocean was also gay. The clean-cut Odd Future rapper reportedly admits to loving hard legs in at least 3 songs on his new album.

Ocean is the 2nd openly gay member of the alternative collective group. Odd Future rapper Syd the Kid lives openly as a lesbian. And troubled Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator is rumored to be down low gay.

From Tale Tela:

“Frank has also opened up about his sexuality on the album, we think it’s brave and admire him for being so honest and sharing such a personal aspect of his life through his music,” Max wrote on her website ThisIsMax.

“On the songs ‘Bad Religion’ ‘Pink Matter and ‘Forrest Gump’ you can hear him sing about being in love and their are quite obvious words used like ‘him’ and not ‘her’.”

“In the world we live in now we can’t see this being an issue or why it should be?? But we do commend him for not continuing a facade and conforming to what a Hip Hop so called rule book expects, we say live your life and be yourself.”

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