Shocking video footage showing a 9-year-old sociopath beating, kicking and biting infants and toddlers may result in criminal charges against a daycare owner.

The graphic video footage was captured by a surveillance camera inside the Kiddie City Daycare center in Vicksburg, MS. The unidentified 9-year-old can also be seen performing wrestling moves on a toddler when adults turn their backs or leave the room.

Mississippi Department of Health regulations is investigating why the 9-year-old boy was mingling with infants and toddlers.

In an exclusive interview with a WLBT photojournalist, the boy’s aunt said the child had emotional and behavioral problems for which he was prescribed medicine.

“He bad. He fight but he don’t fight little babies. He do also have a problem. He take medicine every day and he just a normal child,” says Vinia Dolley.

Police arrested daycare worker Sandra Travillion (pictured above right), who can be seen in the video standing by a window talking on the phone as the 9-year-old drop kicked a child. Tavillion, who worked at the daycare for 3 weeks, has been fired.

“This nine year-old child, he was allowed to pretty much run rough shot over that entire room for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. All his actions went unnoticed,” says Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

The 9-year-old’s case is being handled through the Warren County Youth Court which has jurisdiction over the juvenile detention facilities.

Mississippi law states: “Preschool children shall not be grouped with school age children in any single area during normal classroom activities.”

Like many concerned citizens who watched the video earlier this week, Claudia Sears was too distressed to watch the video again.

Sears owns Claudia’s Childcare Center in Pearl, MS. “I can’t even watch it now. It is so distressing,” she says. Sears follows the state guidelines regarding separating age groups. At the end of business hours, “We still keep creepers in their room,” Claudia says. “We don’t ever mix them with anybody.”

She says if a 9 year old child is the last school-age child waiting for a ride home, that child would sit with her, or sit with the caregiver.

“We would not let him up. Don’t let them run around. They have to sit still,” she says.

But the owner of Kiddie City Daycare violated those guidelines by allowing children of all age groups to commingle without adult supervision.

The 9-year-old’s assault on the minor children was apparently ongoing for at least a week. One parent was so irate when his daughter came home with injuries that he went to the daycare center and slapped a 6-year-old boy whom he believed was responsible.

Police arrested 29-year-old Jamie Williams (who was hiding in a closet) for hitting the wrong child. But police caution that Williams (pictured above left) would have been arrested even if he had smacked the 9-year-old for injuring his daughter. Williams is free on bond.

Most likely the victim of child abuse at the hands of his own parent(s), Wiliams defended his disgraceful actions.

“I didn’t really just cock back and try to hurt the child. I know the child is still a child, you know, but at that point in time I had to do something. I had to hit him a little bit. You know, quit hitting my child man. Don’t be putting your hands on my child like that. You know, I ain’t try to hurt the baby. I know he a baby, he at a daycare,” he said.

The following video is very disturbing, and highlights the need for legislation to prohibit breeding while single mothers are on public assistance.

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