It looks like the much-hyped divorce battle between actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for control of their daughter Suri’s brain will not materialize — at least not publicly.

According to gossip website, Katie’s lawyer has confirmed that Cruise and Holmes have settled their divorce amicably.

Jonathan Wolfe tells TMZ, “This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.”

The couple’s much-publicized marriage began with dopamine-fueled public spectacles, including the now infamous incident in 2008 when Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch.

But like many “whirlwind” romances, TomKat soon fizzled out.

TMZ reported that lawyers for both sides were in marathon negotiations — including a Saturday session — to try and end the upcoming divorce war.

Apparently Tom’s only condition was met — that he have “meaningful and significant” contact with 6-year-old daughter Suri.

Wolfe added, “We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution.”

One thing that tipped the settlement in Cruise’s favor was his iron-clad pre-nup. But Katie’s sources said she had her own money. She was more concerned for Suri’s welfare — and keeping her out of the clutches of Cruise’s controversial Scientology cult.

“She’s not about the money. She’s not that girl. She loves to work,” a source tells TMZ. The source added, “She makes plenty on her own.”

Katie had sought full custody of Suri.

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