Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher

Why am I not surprised that Eddie Murphy is dating Russell Simmons’ leftovers? Male celebrities frequently recycle the same broads like they collect cars. Dating the same woman that another celebrity used and discarded seems to be a popular pastime in Hollywood.

Murphy’s latest conquest, Paige Butcher, used to date Simmons and model Tyson Beckford, among others. Obviously she doesn’t mind being used goods as long as her bills are paid.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher

From The Jasmine Brand:

As you know, comedic actor Eddie Murphy has moved on from his relationship with TV Rocsi Diaz, and is dating what we assumed was a new, low-profile woman. His new girlfriend’s, who’s been spotted out in public as of late, name is Paige Butcher. Initially, folk (*raises hand*) couldn’t figure out who this new blonde bombshell is/was.

But according to reports, we have some dets on the woman in question. Rumor has it that the 33-year-old Australian model use to date high-profile celebrities Russell Simmons and model Tyson Beckford. Fast forward to the present day and all seems to be well with Eddie and Paige. And if they love it, well then we should too–right?

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