Yesterday, I inquired about Kandi Burruss’ new home in one of my posts. This morning I found an email in my Inbox from a loyal reader who was familiar with the details of Kandi’s southwest Atlanta estate. My reader sent the info with the condition that I not disclose Kandi’s address or details of the transaction.

Kandi purchased the nearly 8,000 sq ft estate in southwest Atlanta at a steal! The home and guest house in an affluent gated community are worth $1 million!

Since purchasing the home for cash, Kandi splashed out over $200,000 to renovate the property. I’m told she replaced the carpets with marble floors and she renovated the kitchen with modern appliances and high end finishes. will post the photos of the finished project. Until then, check out the home before Kandi purchased it below!

Kandi’s indoor pool before the extensive renovations

Kandi’s indoor pool with waterfalls and plasma TV after the renovations.

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