Willow Smith Needs Therapy

I see I’m not the only one who thinks Willow Smith is headed for a nervous breakdown. A NY-based psychologist has urged the 11-year-old’s parents, Will and Jada Smith, to get their daughter into therapy asap.

Judy Kuriansky said: “I do think Willow would benefit from therapy to sort out these feelings of angst and despair that ap­pear to plague her.”

From The National Enquirer:

Willow, who scored an instant hit with her 2010 music video “Whip My Hair,” was recently spotted looking like a home­less kid and wearing a jacket with “I Hate Everyone” scrawled on the back.

And as The ENQUIRER previously reported, she’s been posting disturbing messages on social media outlets. Now mental health experts agree her actions are a desperate cry for help.

“That jacket just screams for at­tention,” psychologist Terry Lyles told The ENQUIRER.

“It’s a garment tattoo that says Willow feels like an alien in this world. She feels misunderstood, like an outcast who is not truly being seen or heard.”

Willow has regularly turned to social media websites to bare her soul, expressing her dark feel­ings on a Tumblr blog, in Twitter messages and on Instagram accounts.

She’s written: “Being normal is ugly,” “I live in my own hell,” “I am on the brink,” “Life is pain,” and “I think my thoughts are trying to murder me.”

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