Rihanna in Paris

Even though she was warned not to “antagonize” Rihanna — Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown’s other girlfriend, couldn’t help sticking the knife in Rihanna’s back and twisting it. Karrueche tweeted the above photo from Paris, where she posed with Brown’s personal stylist Ugo Mozie. Karrueche also reportedly partied with Brown after his concert this past weekend.

Karrueche in Paris

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Karrueche then tweeted a photo of herself wearing a Kenzo Paris t-shirt, similar to one worn by Rihanna in the past. Karrueche is a smart girl who knows how to push the right buttons. Hopefully she will keep some distance between herself and Rihanna while she’s in Paris. I would hate to see her get hurt.

Chris Brown and French groupies

After Karrueche’s arrival in Paris, Brown, 23, partied with her muse, Millajasmine (center) and 2 French breezies, who were modeling caps from Karrueche’s “The Kill” clothing line. Karrueche and Millajasmine are pictured below. (thanks for the tip @kimaries321!)

Karrueche and Millajasmine

Rihanna desperate

Meanwhile, the deeply troubled Rihanna, who obviously saw Karrueche’s photos online, tweeted an old photo of her and Chris in bed together with the caption: “Damn…. I miss my nigga…”

Rihanna desperate

Then late Sunday, Rihanna tweeted another photo that appeared to show the “Diamonds” singer on her knees in a darkened hotel room. The caption read: “Risky business #Paris,” which led her followers to assume that she was in Paris servicing Brown in his hotel room. Rihanna’s desperation has reached panic level.

Chris Brown and Bu Thiam

Chris Brown is pictured above left with his manager Bu Thiam, right, in Paris on Saturday.

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