Kim Kardashian

Reality star Kim Kardashian was all set to shoot a revealing baby bump cover shoot when she canceled at the last minute, In Touch reports.

A source confirmed exclusively to In Touch magazine that Kardashian, who is seven months pregnant, considered doing a photo shoot similar to Demi Moore, and other actresses, who bared their baby bumps for the world to see.

But Kim reportedly changed her mind at the last minute because she doesn’t like how her pregnant body looks.

From In Touch Weekly:

“She would have had her pick of any cover she wanted,” the source added, saying that Kim had many offers on the table. However, “It opens her up to too much scrutiny.”

As In Touch reported, the reality star has been “freaking out about her body” and the steady weight gain throughout her pregnancy. “During a recent fashion shoot,” says a second source, “she burst into tears, saying she looked gross.”

So while the media hungry star typically has a long line of shoots on her schedule, the source predicts she’ll lay low until the baby is born. “She won’t do any monthly covers until after the baby.”

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