Guess Who

This actress is one of the most beautiful black women in Hollywood. She lives a life of luxury and comfort that most women can only dream of.

It would seem that her life is complete. She is currently engaged to handsome NBA superstar and she plays stepmom to his two preteen sons. The only blemish on her record seems to be the cold, callous and unsympathetic way in which she deals with the NBA star’s troubled ex-wife.

This actress often takes to her social media accounts to degrade and bully the woman who clearly has not gotten over the loss of her marriage.

Talk about kicking a woman when she’s down; instead of being kind and understanding — and keeping her opinions about the woman to herself — this actress never hesitates to publicly rip the woman.

It’s almost as if the actress is intimidated or feels threatened by her fiance’s ex-wife.

This goes to show that women who have the handsome man, and everything money can buy, can still lack class.