Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor cast

Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” is the first TV project to spring forth from the much-publicized joint partnership between Television magnate Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry’s film Studio based here in Atlanta.

“Love Thy Neighbor” is described in the press release as a “family comedy that serves up good food, great laughs and a whole lotta love.” The series is written and directed by Tyler Perry.

People.com compiled a brief synopsis to familiarize you with the show’s zany characters. “Love Thy Neighbor” premieres May 29th at 9/8C on OWN.

The Feisty Matriarch (played by Patrice Lovely)

Hattie Mae Love’s sassy and intrusive grandmotherly ways are so outrageous that they even Madea would be impressed. She’s a feisty grandmother who owns The Love Train Diner, a popular family-run restaurant. She doesn’t miss a beat, and while she gets a lot of laughs, she is also a reliable source of priceless advice to her family and friends.

The Loyal Daughter (played by Kendra C. Johnson)

Linda Love Harris, Hattie Mae’s loyal and loving daughter is always there for her mother and her son Danny, selflessly putting her own needs aside. After separating from her philandering husband, Linda aims to carve out a new life for herself, but her principles stand in the way of settling for just any old date.

The Good Son (played by Andre Hall)

Danny Harris is the perfect son. Handsome, clean cut and destined for success, he landed a job at a prestigious design firm right out of college. He’s instantly likeable and great fun, but he is a bit of a momma’s boy—a la Sheldon Cooper. He acts old for his age though, which makes it easy to forget how truly naïve he can be.

The Party Boy (played by Jonathan Chase)

Everyone loves a hard-partying friend like Sam Parker. Sam works and lives with Danny, and is a loyal best friend. They get along famously, but while Danny is on the road to success, Sam is still stuck in the wild, partying mindset of his youth. The personality clashes between these two characters generates lots of chaos, but deep down Danny knows that Sam will always be there for him.

The Girl Next Door (played by Darmirra Brunson)

Drew Scott is the epitome of the girl next door… and also happens to actually live next door to Danny and Sam. She works with them at the firm too. She’s beautiful and smart, but can never seem to land the right guy. She’s desperate to meet Mr. Right, and for once may be headed in the right direction when she sets her sights on Danny. Could they become the next Ross and Rachel?

The Beautiful Boss (played by Zulay Henao)

Having a boss like Marianna Perez can be intimidating. (At least it is for Danny.) Marianna is smart, beautiful and genuinely kind—characteristics that make her almost too good to be true. She used to be Drew’s college roommate, and moves back in with her when she’s hired at the design firm.

The Joker (played by Palmer Williams Jr.)

Diner co-owner and building superintendent Floyd Stanley Jackson may deliver rib-tickling one-liners like a champ, but ole’ Uncle Floyd often uses his bad jokes to mask some hilariously subversive motives. Hattie Mae’s brother-in-law often wears out his welcome —just like Steve Urkel—by annoying the heck out of everybody around him.

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