Paula Deen dropped by Target Wal-Mart

When it rains it pours. Embattled TV chef Paula Deen has been dropped by Target and Novo Nordisk following her admission that she uttered racial slurs in the past. The Food Network declined to renew Deen’s contract on Friday. And on Wednesday, Wal-Mart announced it was dropping Deen as a sponsor. Deen’s other sponsors, online shopping giant QVC and Smithfrield Foods are awaiting the outcome of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers.

Deen, 66, could lose $17 million in endorsement revenue as a result of the controversy.


While businesses continue to bail on Paula Deen in light of the racial controversy that is damaging her reputation as the Queen of Southern Cooking, fans are showing that she is not alone in this fight.

On Thursday, Paula lost the Novo Nordisk deal that caused a stir last year when she announced that she had ben living with Type 2 diabetes for three years.

“Novo Nordisk and Paula Deen have mutually agreed to suspend our patient education activities for now, while she takes time to focus her attention where it is needed,” the company said in a statement.

Target also has decided to get out of the Deen business.

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