Neno Best Instagram

A hapless rapper’s Instagram boasting led cops to the largest gun seizure in New York City’s history, the NY Daily News reports.

The record gun bust was the culmination of a virtual online Stop-and-Frisk.

The cops were tipped off to the large cache of guns when an undercover detective spotted Instagram photos and YouTube videos posted by Brooklyn rapper, Mathew Best, aka Neno Best.

The cop then passed the information to other undercover officers, who attempted to buy guns from other Brooklyn-based gun brokers running similar operations.

NYPD press conference

Cops eventually uncovered a multi-state gun running operation that stretched from New York to South Carolina, Digital Trends reports.

The largest weapons seizure in the city’s history included 243 handguns, 9 automatic rifles and 2 shotguns. Of the 254 total guns seized, 36 had been reported stolen and 1 rifle was equipped with a laser dot sight and a flash and smoke suppressor.

In addition to all of the guns seized, 19 people were arrested. The gun trafficking ring faces long prison terms.

At a press conference on Tuesday, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly praised the unnamed undercover detective, who did not appear at the news conference.

“More than 200 guns is an astonishing number to recover by one undercover,” Kelly said.

The NYPD put some of the guns on display for the media at the afternoon press conference.