WWE Star Darren Young and His Boyfriend

In case you thought WWE wrestler Darren Young was just kidding around when he said he was gay, TMZ did some digging and found a photo of Young with his very effeminate boyfriend. TMZ’s openly gay founder Harvey Levin is thrilled that another celebrity has announced his fondness for male sexual organs. The Gay Agenda has a new poster boy.

From TMZ:

WWE superstar Darren Young was in the grip of a force more powerful than John Cena when he decided to come out of the closet … and that force is love.

WWE sources tell TMZ … Young told the wrestling org. he is “deeply in love” with his boyfriend of 2 years … a man named Nick (pictured above with Young). We’re told Young — whose real name is Fred Rosser — has been living with Nick for some time now in Florida.

Our WWE sources say Young told them Nick was actually the driving force in his decision to come out.

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