Teyana Taylor and Brandon Jennings

This will be particularly difficult for you men who thought you had a chance to bag one of the last virgins in hip hop. Socialite and one-hit-wonder Teyana Taylor is reportedly dating NBA star Brandon Jennings. But that’s only half of the story. She’s reportedly pregnant with his seed. The 23-year-old Detroit Pistons star already has kids by several other groupies. Despite the fact that he’s a certified male whore, Jennings has fulfilled God’s commandment to multiply and replenish the earth with his seed with multiple women.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Brandon Jennings and sons

From Mouthtoears.com:

Rumor has it that the “Google Me” singer has had her cherry popped and back broken in by NBA baller boo Brandon Jennings and that’s not it… A couple weeks ago, Teyana put a thirsty fan on blast for telling certain blogs that she is pregnant. No one was quite sure how a random no name fan asking for a pic would be privileged to this type of info.

Unfortunately for Teyana, sources say that it is true!!! Now we can’t confirm if he is just messy as hell or if he just lucked up on some “t” but he still looked like a crazed a**fan.

However… none of that matters except that… Teyana Taylor is PREGNANT?!?

Ain’t That a B*TCH!!!!!

Brandon is known for jumping from one vagina to the next. So this is not a surprise. But this really sucks for Teyana… this dude was your first and you will be his 3rd baby mama, not partner but… BABY MAMA!!!!