Jamaican Mob Run Gay Men Out of Town

A Jamaican mob barricaded a group of 5 gay men in a shack until the police arrived to escort the men out of town, according to a report on the Huffington Post.

A video filmed by Jamaica LGBT News is making its way around the Internet. The Jamaica LGBT News interviewed a young man who became “riled up” after the actions of an “alleged homosexual man.” The man’s statements made made the residents “gravely concerned.”

In Jamaican Patois dialect, the man said: “We have young people growing up, and the gays want to introduce the young people to the gay lifestyle. As adults, we can resist the temptation, but the younger people can’t do that.”

The mob barricaded the men inside their ramshackle hut until police arrived to safely escort them out of town.

The Huffington Post notes that “Jamaica has an international reputation for its homophobic climate and anti-sodomy laws … that punishes violators of the law with a maximum of ten years of hard labor.”

This time the gay men were lucky, they escaped with their lives. Brutal attacks against openly gay teens and young adults have increased in intensity in recent months on the Caribbean island.

Gay rights groups are on the island pushing for the repeal of Jamaica’s anti-sodomy laws and anti-gay discrimination.

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