Eboni Elektra and Ciara

Former Three Brown Girls member Eboni Elektra has confirmed what we already know: songbird Ciara is pregnant with rapper Future Hendrix’s seed.

Eboni made the revelation on her popular Ustream.com radio show, Eboni Elektra Live.

“Yeah, Ciara is pregnant by Future,” Eboni said. “That’s an inside scoop. She’s soooo happy! She’s so freaking happy!”

According to Eboni, Future has lusted after Ciara for years.

In addition to being Kim Porter’s longtime bestie, Eboni and music mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs are blood relatives. Her credibility is as solid as her upper class pedigree. Eboni is the ultimate insider.

Y’all better start listening to your auntie when I tell you something.

Spotted on Tattletailzz.com