Latoya Jackson and manager Jeffre Phillips

Michael Jackson’s sister, La Toya, shut down rumors that she married her gay BFF. La Toya denied the rumor in a tweet on her official Twitter account. How do these rumors get started?

According to a press release that someone sent me yesterday, La Toya married her bestie and manager Jeffre Phillips in a secret ceremony that was attended by her mother, Katherine, and Michael Jackson’s sons, Prince and Blanket. According to the press release, Phillips was “always there” for La Toya through the rough times and he even invested her money in real estate holdings so she can be financially secure. The release went on to say that La Toya and Phillips owned apartments in the same building.

Anyway, the press release turned out to be a bunch of lies. It seems that Mr. Phillips likes what La Toya likes. Yes, a few desperate women have resorted to marrying their gay boyfriends because half a man is better than no man. But La Toya doesn’t strike me as that type.